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About Zelda: TP

Yeah, that's what I'm guessing, since it it'll be prone to be more violent and dark than the rest of the Zelda titles.
weirdly awsome


its going to be nice having a different zelda game... as long as its awsome, its good

Violance is good

ecept for younger people
*pulls up chair*
heres a true story

ok so my neighbor (hes REAL young) well he Loves violant games

he comes over right and hes real annoying and i hate him but he wants to play with "Action Figures" so to get him out i go Ok

i get up on my bed (its like a 1 man bunk the beds ontop and below theres a space for my comp and other stuff

well i lean over and THWACK i get hit by the fan right on my nose

im gushing blood and im in alot of pain but i cant see the blood yet

i go Am i bleeding

he looks and goes Yes and continues to play with his action figures

i look down and i got a puddle of blood in my lap

i ask him to get my mom and then i go to the emergency room and get stitches

i got a I shaped scar on my nose

ya but the point is the little kid didnt think of it as anything cuz he plays so much violant games

young poluted minds :|