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A list of things NOT to suggest and Guidelines


Retired Staff
Jan 15, 2005
Astral Inner Planet Floating Gold #10
All TBT Forums Rules apply here, that should pretty muchclear up any problems, but please, I want to stress that you should not flame the suggestions of others, even if you severely disagree with the idea. If it's a spam suggestion, PM a Moderator or use the Report button.

This should help cut down on unnecessary/inappropriate suggestions:

-Do not suggest at which point that powers should be awarded, like editing, as new ranks will change all of the current things, at which point I will change this rule
-Do not suggest which ranks should be where and which ranks should be which post count
-Do not suggest that word filters be edited, use PM's (nice ones too).
-Do not suggest that a thread should be locked/opened.
-Do not suggest that a post should be edited or deleted, use PM's or the Report button.
-Do not suggest that a user be banned/unbanned, all bans are decided on by the staff, and does not concern the members.
-Do not use suggestions as personal attacks, or any attacks for that matter.
-Do not suggest that someone become a Sage/Moderator/Administrator, these are staff decisions and does not concern the members.
-Do not make suggestions not related to TBT.
-Do not make suggestions that are used to contact a person (an example being this: Hey, I suggest you get on AIM! I need to talk to you!), use PM's.
-Do not suggest that this be edited on the forum, read the last line.
-Do not suggest that the sig limit be altered, we've had enough of those requests.
-Do not suggest that I eat