A finall salute....to an expert spriter....

Propaganda Man

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Feb 27, 2005
No its not me Ultrabyte.....this is a thread dedicated to her, post your memories with her here, and let us rejoice the great time we have had with her here at our beloved forum TBT.
she was one of our great members... i was recomending her for sage. >_>

yeah... oh well, all things must end eventually...

i feel like a mother hen for some reason... o_0
not much helop sayin goodbye if she isn't stopping bye but I don't want to say farewell yet, i have a feeling she will return soon.
Man, Ultra, you had to leave? You were one of our best members...


I remember when I was flattering her in the Member FAQ...
PikMino42 said:
UltraByte said:
Bulerias said:
UltraByte said:
PIRANHA2 said:
i was recomending her for sage. >_>
Really? w00t. *does the special dance*
Yeah, many people reccomended you for Sage.

Wow. You guys REALLY missed me.
Yes, we go for quality, not quantity.
Yeah, that's true. Since she's staying, and she already has a thread in the Wishing Well, we don't need this anymore.

*Lockity* *Lockity* *Lock*