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A break from The Bell Tree....


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Jan 15, 2005
Astral Inner Planet Floating Gold #10
I really need a break from here, for school and other stuff. I'll still be on AIM and MSN Messenger, but not here.

Yeah, so Bulerias, can you please ban me until this time two weeks from now?
PikMino42 said:
Bulerias said:
Uhh, why do I need to ban you?

Name ban me, so I don't come back.
Heh, as you wish.

:p I'll just suspend you... *chuckles*

*takes out banstick*

Now, as soon as you post, "Okay" in this thread, I use it.

Bulerias said:
Uhh, why do I need to ban you?

so he isn't tempted to come back on, duh


i think we should have done it to you aswell, i mean, seriously, your break is supposed to be til saturday... i've seen you on here still... every day.

*takes out fake ban stick*

*drops it*

*watches henward pick it up, and wiggle it around*


she just IP Banned both of you, in imagination land


for 2 weeks >_>
Have fun on your two week vacation Mino!
I think the ban thing was to keep him from coming back to post.
I realized today that I have no school for a while anyways, so I'm back, and with a new sig.