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It is raining today! amd guees what! I caught a piranha, goldfish, tons of large bass, popeyed goldfish, 5 red snappers, 3 barred knifejaws, but...Nooks store is being renivated, so, I basicly can't do anything else now :lol: .
Raining is a good time to catch fish. During the past week of raining, I've caught 2 coleacanths, 5 barred knifes, over 30 red snappers, 2 giant snakeheads, 2 giant catfish, and many other rare fish. Escept the elusive Arowana. It's the only one I don't have, and it is so hard to find.

I've also found a lot of Large Bass. Fishing Tourney, here I come.


Nook hasn't finished his store? I really think you can't have gotten 1 Billion Bells like you said.