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150 CC...


Retired Staff
Feb 6, 2005
lets put it this way, it was poorly done... all it basicly is, is you race, but have to stay in second til the last second... if you dont, right before you win, you get hit with a blue shell... its never failed me yet... this is the first thing i've found annoying in the game, but the missions are getting up there aswell... as long as the missions arent for an unlockable i'll live... if they are, i'll start to lose interest in the game.

but really though, the AI in the game isn't that good overall... which is sad, seeing how cool the game is, if they'd made the things more intelligent, actually deciding where to go, instead of having a complete course (i know right where they will go, so its too easy to hit them) it'd be better... and maybe if they actually raced, they didn't get huge boosts after getting hit, and used wepons besides red, and blue shells... the game would be perfect.

im sad they didn't put as much effort in the AI as they did the level design.