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  • Due to lack of other bids, you won my auction.
    500k, for 400+ presents and hybrids.
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    Omg really! Thank you! That's so awesome!
    Oh ok, I saw you were offline, I'm just doing a trade quick then I'll switch back to the town with her :)
    Hey, I was just letting you know that Katt is in boxes now, are you available to come pick her up? :)
    Lolly Raffle announcement: i have changed the end date to March 8, 2015, 12AM EST ~
    I upload pics on the thread. Take a look! Keep a watch on the thread. When she is in boxes, I will ONLY notify you if you are the highest bidder. So be sure to subscribe and check back from time to time! I will hold her for 24 ours while she is in boxes. Keep in mind my timezone is EST.
    I would PREFER TBT bells, but I accept in game bells too, or mixtures or both. Its a bit low, but so far its the only offer, but I haven't advertised she is moving out yet, so offers may start coming in when I do. Post your offer on the thread, as the starting bid, so to speak, and subscribe so tat if more offers come in you be able to top them before she is in boxes. Like I said in the thread, if there are multiple people interested in higher-tiered villagers, I will auction them, rather than TT to their move out date immediately to give people more time. :)
    Merry is available, yes, in fact, I am trying to get her to ping to move out. I am posting pictures of her now on the thread. ^^ Are you interested? Feel free to leave offers!
    Hey I finally finished my vurtual classes for t he day. Are you available so I can get you 1 of the 2 golden cans I owe you?
    I only have 1 in stock I believe. but if you pay for both I can reserve one for you when I restock. If not you can just buy 1. I also have all of the others available too. Im off to bed now but when I check TBT in the morning if I received payment then you can get whatever you payed for. :)
    If you can catch me online within the next two days I'll most likely be keeping it on this day! Leave me another message if you catch me online :3
    I see you just went offline...that's a real shame. If you want katt I'll hold her for 15 minutes then doing a giveaway/voiding her
    Your inbox is full, but you asked for a PM for Lucha. He's in boxes now, but will be voided in 10-15 minutes. Here is the thread.
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