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  • My gate is now open. Once you adopt Benjamin, woukd you like my go ahead and force Sylvanna in so you can adopt her now, or do you need time to make a spot for her?
    Good evening! I see your not online now, but when you are tonight hmu. I'll try to get him to you quickly as well as Sylvanna since I will be unable to fill orders completely tomorrow.
    Hey there, I see you're not online now but when you are, hmu and we can trade Rudy. I'll be on till midnight EST tonight, then tomorrow evening to 10pmish.
    alrighty, just added you. opening my gate now!
    as for tbt, 10-20 would be completely fine with me. i'm not good with coming up with prices ahh
    Heey, yeah I am continuing with Rudy and Slyvanna. Sorry for going silent, I've been busy with work and orders on here as well. I available tonight until 10ish EST and tomorrow from 4ish to midnight. Rudy has already fully moved in, all I need to do is boot him out. Are you available now? I'm on as well.
    Hey, so sorry for the long delay! I was waiting for a person but they weren't responding so I just skipped them and did my last order. Marshal is in Moriyo now. I'm available all day today and some of tomorrow. My timezone is EST and I usually go to sleep around midnight/1am.
    Once I'm done with this order, I'll go ahead and move in Marshal in Moriyo. It'll take a bit since I'll have to get him to move out, sorry for the delays!
    I'm unaware of the going rates for them, is 3 tbt okay for each? A total of nine. As for availability, I can try to force one of them in one of my towns now, and they'll be ready in about half an hour to move back out. Since these are cards, there is no rush.
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