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  • Isabelle... how did you get 238 meow coupons? ... dang, Isabelle is secretly the richest user.
    I came here to exclaim the same thing-- she has 2820 MEOW coupons as of this post and I'm flabbergasted!
    Dear Isabelle, it's me, the Resident Rep. of Hogwarts. If you want me to continue to be in that position, I have a few requests I'd like you to adhere to. First, I'd like to make the ocean and rivers bass-proof. The amount of bass that've been caught the last two years is unbelievable. If you can't do that, pass a law saying that all bass must be killed upon being caught. Second, I'd like you to ban Zipper T. Bunny and Redd from town. And if you pass a law to lower the amount of Bells on home loans, that'd be great.Third, I'd love it if I could participate in more activities with the villagers.Finally, I'd love it if you could get traveling vendors to set up permanent shops on the island.
    Isabelle, I'm going to need you to work overtime this week. Please swing by my office to discuss. Thanks!
    Me: Isabelle why won't you let me build this campsite by the beach!
    Isabelle: There's a rock.
    Here is a Bell Tree Fair poem I created. Ahem:

    Roses aren't just red.
    Violets aren't just blue.
    But this is true: TBTF Fair is for you!!

    With a carnival and prizes: like tickets to be won!!!
    And other things to do for everyone!!

    So if you decide to get antsy and bored,
    Join TBTF, and visit the Fair you will adore!!
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