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  • You're completely welcome! That's okay with me and I'm fine waiting for Ankha, I'm just glad you got Rosie!
    I thought that you were now opening as everything is in my locker? It's more convenient for me
    Gate isn't appearing as open although we're now friends - could you please try closing and re-opening as had this problem earlier? Sorry, thank you!
    Okay thanks, ready when you are! Will send once I've picked up the items, will need to pop to locker a few times :)
    Actually, I have them all stored in my locker. Would me more convenient if you opened, if that's okay?
    I'm also in the UK, so the timezone shouldn't be a problem at all. I'll still be around later this evening. I will keep an eye out for you from 6.30pm onwards. See you soon
    Will you add this one? 2810-3363-5607
    I'm adding you now and will be ready in like 10 mins! And yes, after the trade would be better. See you in a bit.
    hey! your inbox is full d: just opened my gates and yes i did receive the tbt already ^^ thank you!! xx
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