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Cure Whip

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  • i’m so sorry! i remember filling out the little box but might have passed out before hitting send. let me know what you need at my shop and i can definitely help you out (and give you some free flowers as a sorry for the inconvenience!)
    no worries! did I send you back 10 tbt yesterday for chrissy? i was really sleepy and thought I did but don’t see it in my transaction log
    hiya! i wanted for you to pick up chrissy but i have to leave now, i refunded the 10 tbt and can get her ready for you when i come back tomorrow again!
    hehe, np np! ahhh! Cure happy is my big fav! but i also really love cure yell and cure dream too. non pink cure/leaders i like are also cure sunshine, cure passion, cure princess, and cure beat!
    you? :3
    Thanks for trading with me!I hope it helps you out!Sorry for rushing so soon!Gotta go to work now!Thanks so much!
    Oh don't worry about that sweetie!Six oranges will be fine because I understand the struggle of not having enough fruit!Are you coming to my town or yours?Either is fine!
    Could I trade with you tomorrow?My town fruit are pears but I recently picked them all!Would tomorrow be fine still!If they're back could I trade pears for oranges?
    Okay! My gates are open, and Marshal is ready for you then. Don't forget to add my FC if you haven't already, come over whenever you're ready. When you arrive, feel free to run over to his house on your own. :) If you let me know when you're done, I can end the visit so you don't have to run back to the train station.
    Yes! I already have him scanned in. I'm 95% sure he's still original, is that okay? If you want me to be 100% sure, I can rescan him in, but it'll take me like 15 min. Otherwise, It'll take me like 2 min to open my gates and add your FC if i haven't already haha
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