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  • Just wondering, are there any other villagers besides Soleli that you're interested in? I saw that you were trading Apollo so yeah. xD
    It's ok, you're welcome! Glad you like it
    Yer I'll change it when I get back to my computer with photoshop because I'm away at the moment so it may be a week sorry
    You don't have to give me anything it's alright :)

    its done.. hope you like it. If i've made any mistakes please tell me lol
    I shouldn't need your password if you can do the next paste it into your signature use this code but take away the "----" after and before either end? hope that makes sense

    hi, if no one has helped you so far I'll be more than happy to help

    just need you to do a couple of things..some self explanatory:

    give me a list of you current villagers

    give a list of your dream villagers

    state which ones are for trade/not

    it would be way easier if you gave me your password but people are funny about that for obvious reasons but it's just that codes show up as pictures on PM so it's hard to paste it correctly into you sig

    you might not like the colour or layout of my signature, just tell me what you want different

    ps: your inbox is full
    Hello! Just a friendly reminder; You haven't added me yet. At least that is the case on my 3DS.

    I hope I don't sound pushy, but I once a week do a 'sweep' of my friend list, and I may accidentally delete you if your not registered. :)
    Alright, thanks! I'll shoot you a message or something whenever I open my gates so you can come by ~
    I'll add you! I just started out but you can come get pears sometime if you want ~
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