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Thread: Things you STILL get excited about

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    Things you STILL get excited about

    It's hard to believe that I've been playing New Leaf for about two years already, sometimes it feels like I just got the game! Lol

    But yeah, I was just curious about things you guys *still* even after all this time get excited over. Especially if you've been playing for 5+ years or generally started before New Leaf.

    A couple things I squeal over: if there's something in any of the shops I don't recognize and I'm like 'what is THAT?', anytime I get a camper at the campsite (lol goes to show how often I get them), a new house moving in, getting an unexpected item from a villager as a return present, and any time I get a picture when I don't expect one!

    So how about you?

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    I'm only waiting on a few things I don't have.

    It's gone the opposite for me.
    I dread being pinged, and avoid my villagers as much as possible.

    I want to finish my house interior, but don't want to be trapped by the barge-in's.

    I look forward to escaping to the island where I can fish in peace.

    I do get excited when I stumble on a Scorpion or a Tarantula! ^_^
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    I've been playing since Gamecube days and I still get excited when I catch a rare fish or bug. I also get excited for pwp pings, whether it's a yield sign (which I'll never use) or a hot spring (which I love and use whenever it's suggested). I also still get excited when a new hybrid pops up (even if I have a bunch of that variety already). Also getting an inspiration for landscaping and town theme, especially if it's based on a new pwp request or something random I found in a shop.

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    Yes, I love finding new clothes or accessories. Just today I found the nurses' cap for the first time and had to have it. I also love seeing villagers in my campsite, getting visits from Gulliver, and finding the first piece of perfect fruit on the first day of a new save file.

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    I'm still hunting for catalog items, so when something new pops up in the shops, it's fun. Hybrids, because no matter how carefully I follow guides, I'm still amazed I managed to get them. Every now and then, villagers will say something new, either due to a season I haven't really played or because I've upped their friendship (I noticed yesterday that Kitt doesn't make the smiley-eyes when I sit next to her on a bench, so I need to work on that relationship). When villagers send back a letter after I've mailed them furniture or clothing.

    I guess there are a lot of things I still love about the game, so I'll probably keep playing for some time to come.
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    I randomly got Goldie’s pic yesterday just for doing a simple task for her so I got a bit excited over that, as I wasn’t expecting it at all

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    Pings.. in a bad way. There are two pwp I still need, campfire and blanket so whenever my uchi(moved out my jock so gotta wait on a new one soon) pings i'm like "omg please" but then she only wants crap :^)

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    The thing I get excited the most after all these years is when I get a new camper on my campsite lol. It just gets me every time XD

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    Even though I usually always have 10 villagers, I do enjoy seeing campers in town. Despite having played this game for so long, there are many many villagers I've never seen in person. Like I saw Penelope for the first time around the time the amiibo update came out. I was so sure she was a returning WA villager but turns out she's an old villager and I just never saw her before.

    I also get excited when I pick up mushroom/mush furniture around trees because my town is filled with regular mushrooms that it seems rarer to come by. Same with the poop mushroom and Jacobs ladders (it's been ages since my town has been "perfect status")

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    The holidays and special events. I've had this game since Christmas 2013, but every year I try to complete the holidays quicker.

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