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Ye Old Rank Thread


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Nov 7, 2004
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These are the older ranks which we started with.

Rank Posts
Sand 0
Rock 14
Bell 34
Hole 46
100Bells 97
1000Bells 153
IsolatedHole 201
10000Bells 280
30000Bells 340
ShimmeringHole 445
GoldLeaf 501
Sprout 606
Sappling 841
Branch 976
Trunk 1103
SmallTree 1300
Tree 1600
LargeTree 1701
MagnificentTree 1802
BellTree 2384
Garden 2515
PureGold 2811
LastStanding 3500
Bulerias said:
Tyoshi said:
Are there any special abilities for certain ranks?
No, only Sages, Employees, and MODs have speacail abilities.

I'd change that Storm. Give a big poster editing abilities and such.
Maybe once we get going. It's not as easy as it sounds.
You can become a Sage by winning a contest or just like NSider. Hand picked.
No, members are in black. Employees in Blue. Admins and MODs in Red.
That isn't fair. All the employes did is just tell you that they wanted to be an employee. We have to post a lot and use our brains to win contest. I really do think that you should make the powers equal. And it seems like the employees are like normal people because they don't do much.
[quote="] No offense to any employees. [/quote]
I won a contest to be a sage and I am working on TBT Guides..
BASTOISE99 said:
and i have the most posts on the site as well as helping tyoshi with tbt guides.
No I am saying that like we don't get to do as much stuff as you. And sages could deffinatly help you with your guides.
TYOSHI90 said:
[quote="] No offense to any employees.
I won a contest to be a sage and I am working on TBT Guides.. [/quote]
Which is also why I don't have as much time to post.