Would anyone like to let me over?

Notice the title says ANIMAL CROSSING WILD WORLD ONLY not AC:CF. Also do not spam my threads. Also I have to do a ACC delivery and i had no room to have you and my best customers.
So you can just unadd me dude thats not nice be a eal person an play animal crossing right with out deliverys. WHAT IS ACCF ANYMORE?
Well I am sorry I like to help people out but your ass will stay deleted until further notice and you are "M".
OMG You are such a spamming short dumb stupid annoying little brat. Play the game right. And who names There frog Froggy?! That is a idiot name. I am not visage you are you poop sucker
wow sorry, I am locking this. Both of you guys stop being so immature. I mean really must you mud sling? I don't know what happened but if one or both of you would like to tell me in a pm please do. But this isn't settling anything.