WiFi Party Weekend!


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Jul 11, 2010
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Okay, so I'll need 6 people who are on my Friend List to come round to my town for a party which will either be on Saturday or Sunday. I need 6 people because I'll be having 2 parties,each will be about 1hr 30mins long. We'll be doing some stuff including: 2 bug contests, 2 fish contests, hide and seek, museum tag, sumo and much more! I'll update this post once I have all 6 party guests.
The list as is follows:

Party 1:

Party 2:

So if you're on my Friend List and wanna join in the fun either PM me saying you wanna come or post on this topic.
Oh, and by the way, you can't come to both parties. And at the end of the party each guest gets 10,000 bells for coming.

I'll keep checking this topic every hour to see who wants to come.
Okay, Party 1 will be held at 1pm on Sunday and Party 2 will be held at 2:30pm on Sunday. (UK time)
Hey, Charlie, one think! 1 partie is today and the other tomorrow? i need to when the party starts, you can count on me for the 2! the 1 i need to know the hour, if im good, i can go to the 1 too! and OMG! you dont have stringfish? i cacht 2 yesterday!
Both parties will either be on Saturday or Sunday, not both days. So, you wanna come or not?
The parties will probably both be on Sunday because it's my cousin's birthday tomorrow so I'll have to go round there. I'll post the times a couple of hours before they start. Which party do you wanna be in, Party 1 or Party 2?
Anyone else..?

Okay, I'm coming off for an hour or 2. When I come back on I expect to see a few more requests.
Both parties are on Sunday, I'll put you on the 1st space on Party 2 because I might have some other people coming to Party 1.
I might come, if I'm not busy and probably I won't, but they're chances.