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Which fruit is the best?


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Aug 31, 2018
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(Sorry I need the silver 😂)

Which of the new fruits is your favourite? I like the perfect apple 🍎 Partly because it is one of my allocated fruits but also it seems magical. Think I was brought up on too many fairy tales 🙈💜
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Hmm I think the perfect apples look particularly scrumptious - so shiny and glossy! Perfect cherries are a close second for me.
I love the perfect apples! They look like candy but overall I like the peaches the most!
Perfect cherries look the best to me. Granted, I've never had cherries as my native fruit in an AC game for an extended period of time. They still look cool to me though.
i would almost always keep resetting in NL until I got apples, so i've gotta go with perfect apples! cherries are a close second, although i do also love how the peaches are full golden
I think in and out of game, apples win for overall aesthetic and taste.
Pears are tastier, but don't look as pretty.
In the game the perfect peaches were always my favourite, and it's still the case now with these new collectibles!
The Perfect Apple does seem magical! I like Perfect Apple a lot, but I like the Lychee and Lemon too. I'm not sure how I'd use the Lychee or the Lemon, but I think the red of the apple is very pretty and would look cute in a lot of lineups! 💗
The durian is the best one. It doesn't need shine or luster to prove its worth.

It sits there with its spiky glory, knowing full and well that it's the king of the fruits.
All these other fruits? Mere subjects in the presence of the durian.
Gotta agree with the Perfect Apple! I’m not super into the fruit collectibles but I love the shiny red look it has. This is a great event for fruit collectible lovers though, endless potential to use them in lineups now!
I like the perfect cherries and apples for town fruit. Also the lemon is my favourite "tropical" fruit.