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What's your favorite animated collectible?

What is your favorite animated collectible?

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Enchanted Bloom! It's gorgeous and pairs really well with other collectibles I got around that time, like the crystals, the heart of the forest, etc.

But aside from how awesome it looks, it also has special meaning to me. I'm bad at the mirrors. Really, really bad at the mirrors.

But then in one event (and only one event), I actually got the mirrors right! So the "correct answer, round 8, mysteries of the monolith" is what makes the enchanted bloom really special.

I'm still bad at mirrors, lol.
I love the animated collectibles, but I’ll never win any. My top two favorites would be the crescent moon wand and the enchanted bloom one. 🩷
For me it's definitely the shooting star & crescent moon glow wand! I can only hope of owning one of these one day though.
By itself, Tetris grid. It would be hard to use it in a lineup. It would look nice with the planet wand or glitch egg!
I voted the pinwheel because that is just cute. I hope they release other colors of it in the future that are also animated.

I feel like we forgot about fireworks. I like it more than the shooting star but both are awesome.
I voted for the Crescent Moon Glow Wand, but I'm biased because I was luckily enough to win one in a raffle! I think the Shooting Star and Enchanted Bloom are also beautiful. I do like the Pinwheel animation; I'd secretly love to see all of the pinwheels animated
(especially the magenta one!)!
I would love if I was lucky enough to win the crescent moon wand one day! I hope it will come back in some capacity for this year’s anniversary festivities.