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What's your Emblem?

A bag if bells.
Mine is some weird face with googly-eyes that is drown very badly.

:p There is also a little red N on the bottom right corner.
PikMino42 said:
A Triforce... it's the first thing I did on MKDS.
thats mine >___> but i bet yours is better drawn

I just used the Triangle in the game and made three triangles within it.


It has a black border, but I'm about to change that.
My clan is still coming up with a symbol, so I'm frequently changing mine. MY favorite was one that looked like the "Let It Be" Album Cover (The Beatles)
I changed it to a Red Star in teh middle, a red N on the bottom left corner and then a bunch of colors bording around the Star.

A ? block.

And OMIGOSH ITSMI THUB PERSONALINFO!!!!!!!!!@!!!Q!@Q!@111@!!!!!!1