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What REALLY Happened To Me


Retired Staff
Dec 28, 2004
Yes, I've been gone. But, what happened to me? I'll tell you. But, I was lucky to survive it all. From data records, personal logs, and other references, I bring you:

What REALLY Happened To Smart Tech

While flying through an Ion wave, I got some of my Star Trek files mixed with my data archives. The real name of the empire was the Humanus Empire. Sorry for the confusion.

Note: Humanus is latin for Human.
March 20, 2005

I was leaving the Bell Tree via warp engine. I was saling through space, to asteroid L-1, in the Luna Sector. Things were going great, until I detected some trans-dimensional fluxuations within the sector. Before I knew what hit me, I was sucked into the trans-dimensional rift that was created.

All I remember here was going through what looked like a tunnel of pure light. It was both beautiful and scary at the same time, like an angry female. Somewhere along this magical mystery ride, I went unconciness. The rest is a blur.

When I next awoke, I found myself floating in space, at the area I was before I was sucked into the rift. At first, I though that it was a looped wormhole, so I continued to go to L-1, my home. But, I did not realize that I was in a mirror universe. Flying toward L-1 at Half Impulse speed, I had no idea what would happen next.

End Transmission
March 24, 2005

Heading toward my home, L-1, I realized something was different. The Cave! The cave that I had made my home was empty! Also, the energy barrier was gone! Something wasn't right here. So, I was ready to fly around to find who I thought at that time took the stuff, until I came in contact with a starship.

Hello, I am Smart Tech Dragon 15. I do not wish to harm you in any way. I transmitted this to the ship, but in response they said the following:

*Unknown lifeform, you are tresspassing inside Humanus Empire Space. Leave now, or you will be destroyed.*

This brought up tons of questions in my mind. Humanus Empire? Empire Space? I had no clue what was going on. Before I had a chance to act, the ship fired on me. Not wanting to make bad first impressions, I quickly jumped into warp speed and flew deeper out of space. Luckily, the ship was not pursuing.

"What was that about?" I asked myself. I tried to piece this all together. "Let's see, flying home, fluxuations, rift, that's it! The rift! It wasn't a loop wormhole! It took me to another dimension."

Suddenly, a problem sprang up. I'm stuck in another dimension. What am I going to do? How will I get home? I was flying through space, not looking, when *Bang*! I run into an abandon starship. Thinking I could salvage data, I went in.

Entering the ship was easy, there was a giant hole where the brige was, so that meant two things: 1) Little oxygen is here, so there is a small chance that life is here and 2) Easy entry. I made my way through the ship, to what appeared to be the Captain's Quarters.

From the data I salvaged, the ship I was on was the I.S.S. Liberty, an intrepid class cruiser. It was scouting out the sector when it was attacked by neighboring residents. Most of the crew was killed. What was left used the escape pods.

I also learned about where I was. Instead of some republic or federation, Earth had become an empire, the Humanus Empire, to be exact. They had one goal in mind, to conquer, to control. They were not like the humans I knew at all. They were blood-thirsty savages. Thinking that I could force them to help me, I set corse to Earth, or Terra as it was called, to get some help.
April 1, 2005

April Fools Day, and I'm the fool in this dimension. It was a stupid choice to go back to Earth. I had a hard enough time getting through security, almost getting fried by the Mars defense grid. Once I entered Earth's (Terra's) atmosphere, some small fighter ships tried to shoot me down. I survived easily, but wanted to rip those ships circuit from circuit. I held back my anger, though.

When I tried to speak to the "Emperor", I couldn't even get near him. Several of his guards started to fire at me. Really getting tred of being fired upon, I flew away, on Terra's Moon, which was probably not a good idea. Troops were waiting there to capture me. Using some sort of Ion ray, the neutralized me and put me in a holding cell. I easily escaped. I then flew back to the I.S.S. Liberty. That's where I'm at now.

I wonder what everyone else is doing this moment. The Bell Tree, oh I bet Storm has pulled a trick on someone or Bastoise has done something funny. I couldn't wait to get out. Since I was bored out of my mind, I tried to send a communication to my own dimension. No luck, my communications errays were fried. "Might as well review some files about this dimension."

There history is an interesting one. The Humanus Empire formed around the time of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire fell, but the Humanus Empire arose in England. From there, it merged with other powers to conquer and unite the world. By the year 1950 A.D., the Humanus Empire had united the planet.

A very interesting point in the Empire's History was the year 1969, A.D., when the humans first set foot on the Moon. This had been the start of the space era for the Humanus Empire. Since they did not have wars to slow them down, their space technology had increased more that the dimension I was from. The year I was in, 2005 A.D., the Humanus Empire had already made contact with alien races, held planet colonies, and had mapped out at least 10% of the galaxy. I was definetly dealing with something big here.

But, my prime goal was still in my head. To find a way home. Possibly they might know something about dimensional travel. But, I could not find out, or even do anything, because I was stuck in this cell. Suddenly, all power was cut. Seeing this as my only chance, I blasted through the wall and flew out into space, back to the Liberty to think.

Meanwhile, unknown to me, the Emperor was planning to hunt me down. "Sir, we have discovered that not only is he from another dimension, but he holds great war potential. We should get him on our side. No one could stop us!"

"Very well. Get a fleet ready, and hunt him down. Make sure he is alive." The Emperor then dismissed the captain in the throne room. "Yes, just a matter of time before galactic domination is mine."
April 15, 2005

Still on the I.S.S. Liberty, I found out a few things while continuing to search their databanks. Where the Liberty was destroyed, was the edge of Empire Space. It seems that this ship was patroling the edge when it was attacked and disabled. I mentioned all of this earlier. Don't need to repeat myself.

The food on the ship was still good. The galley and mess hall still had oxygen, as well as sick bay, decks 5-15 (15 Decks), engineering, and the shuttlepod bays. I could try to fix up the ship and use it to possibly find a way home. There were a few problems with my idea, though. One, weapons are completely inoperative, and two shields are almost drained. Not to mention the ship only had enough di-lithium to last me for about 2 months. Didn't matter anyways, warp drive could only go to Warp 2, thanks to the attack. I could go faster than that.

Still exploring the ship, I looked through the quarters and found some interesting stuff. Uniforms, pictures of loved ones, antiques, and I think one room had a televison of some sort. Nothing really interesting here.

Sitting in the mess hall, the ship was fired upon. Before I knew it, four humans (I assumed) were in space suits wielding phasers. They asked me to come with them. Not knowing what else to do, I went with them to their ship, the I.S.S. Cortes.

On the ship, they treated me well. I was stationed in a guest quarter, food and drink was brought to me, I even got to watch television, which I didn't even know was on a ship. For about 4 hours I stayed in my guest room until we reached Terra.

From the royal spaceport they directed me to the Emperor's Palace. I have to say, the humans in this dimension outdid themselves. Silver moulding, gold trimming of the walls, crystal electric chandeliers. It was astounding. Along the main hall there were pictures of the past emperors. Strangely enough, some looked oddly familar, but I couldn't place the name of them. They had served in the government before, but I couldn't remember which one.

When I arrived at the throne room, the Emperor spoke to me. "Hello, I am the Emperor of Terra. Who are you?" I replied: "I am Smart Tech Dragon 15." "Hmm..., who made you?" Asked the Emperor. He could obviouly tell that I was part cybernetic. Not wanting to reveal where I was from I said this: "You made me, Emperor. Remeber? The robotics lab on planet Mars? You captured me on Earth, and gave me all of this cool technology." I was nervous. I didn't know if he would buy it. "Oh yes, I remember." What a sucker! He fell for it. "Okay then Smart Tech, I'll be seeing you. Have a good day."

This was so easy. I almost made it out when, *Zap*! I was hit by an ion ray. "Did you really think that I would be fooled by your pathetic attempts at trickery?" The Emperor continued. "I know you're from another dimension. Join me, Smart Tech. If you help me, I'll send you back home. You can trust me." Already knowing that I couldn't trust him, I replied: "No way! I'd rather be discentegrated!" At that point, I launched a Plasma Cannon blast at the ceiling and flew out. I heard him say: "Guards! Make sure he does not fly off the planet! Hunt him down! Fry his circuits!" I was finally able to hide on a small island 700 miles away from the palace.

I had a real jam now. The Terra Defense Shield was up, meaning that only Terran Ships could get through. Not to mention that I had the Emperor's guards hunting me down. Just that moment on the island, I spotted a Terran ship. I had another idea, and I knew how to make it work.
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
PIKMIN042 said:
Cool, you're a Cybernetic.

Pretty much. I was a full-blooded dragon, until infused with technology. I still posess some organic compounds, though.
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Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
PIKMIN042 said:
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
PIKMIN042 said:
Cool, you're a Cybernetic.

Pretty much. I was a full-blooded dragon, until infused with technology. I still posess some organic compounds, though.
That's cool. TYou're so cool you get a sig.




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April 20, 2005

Okay, here's the plan. Using the ship that I found, I'm going to escape from Terra and look for some sort of dimensional transporter. I know I could find one. I just have to find out where. The ship I was going to take would hopefully hold some information.

I quietly sneaked onto the ship. When I got inside, there was no more reason for sneaking around. The ship was empty. "This is easy." So, I heading to the bridge. There. I viewed some of the files to give me a lead.

I found out two things. One, I was on the I.S.S. Columbus, a Humanus Flagship. Two, there was a lab that had made a dimensional transporter just for me. The Emperor planned to use me to conquer both dimensions. The lab was on planet Noria, and they were expecting me. So, I set out a course for Noria to retrieve the device.

The Emperor though, suprisingly, did not see that the flagship was leaving the planet. I was suprised, with my going awol and everything. The only thing he asked was my destination, and I told him I was going to L-1 to search for Smart Tech. He said it was fine, and granted me passage. Sucker.

I now find myself on a trip through space, to a planet I've never before seen. What will happen? I will not know, I just hope I will find a way home.


The Emperor was more clever than I thought. He knew I stole the flagship. What I didn't know was that he was getting a massive fleet of warships ready to hunt me down. Lucky for me, though, he did not know I was heading to Noria. "Captains, set course to L-1. If Smart Tech wants to be destroyed, let him. Show no mercy!" The Emperor then ended the transmission. "No one defies me. Anyone who defies me shall be destroyed! Soon, Smart Tech shall be obliterated, and no one will be in my way for my plans at Galactic Domination!"
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