We need new moderators!

We need equality.

Oh wait that's the US lol i like cheese

They just aren't here right now. They're in the Secret Mod Room having se
NikoKing said:
exactly. I wanted to be mod but i didn't get the position D: .
Which happened for a reason. Although, I can't help but feel something is off about your post.
I am sorry but unlike this troll some of us have a life, mods cannot be on 24/7 and really adding more won't entirely help this fact.

I assure you that we will ban trolls like this when we can, but as it is I cannot stay on all the time and someone who really wants to get in and troll can. Just take solace in the fact that it takes a lot less time to clean up a mess from a troll than it takes to make it :p
That Bell Tree Troll Number 3 said:
Bacon Boy said:
In all reality, we really don't need moderators.
Yes we do. I will keep coming back if no new moderators are hired.
No, I mean in the sense that moderators do nothing but stop spam, kinda. Every good troll knows how to make a proxy. The real moderator is the troll, because they stop the spam when they give up.

Basically, they stop it at the source.
yes adding more mods will stop you from registering more accounts from proxies /sarcasm
I think we're all mature enough to learn how to enjoy being part of this community without breaking the rules. (loljk we always need moderators) :I