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Oct 6, 2005
so this is what Animal Crossing DS is going to be called. That's cool. Has there been any news about it (even it is old, because I just joined this forums).
Realase Date is December, 5, 2005

It's online.(you probuly know but you said even if it's old news)

Its now called Animal Crossing Wild World

That's just basic info vary basic.
Well i know that there are still the presents on ballons, only 4 people in town at once for online. In singal player up to 4 people can live in one town on the same cartrige and the share the house and dedt to nook. i think...
PKMNMasterSamus said:
so you can only be humans still, and I think I heard something, but do you get to pick where you live.
Still Humens. And yes you can chose where to place your house.
all 4 humans (or however many are in your town) live in the same house. you choose where to locate the house. up to 4 live people (1 from the town, 3 visitors) can simultaneously play in 1 town, using wi-fi. there have also been rumors that, through download play, multiple people from the same town can simultaneously play in the same town. about 30 screenshots have been released (link to them in another topic here, or at nintendo.com). some old animal villagers return, but there will be new ones also. new additions include a salon and collectible constelations using a telescope.
And there will be a town halla also and houses will be much bigger.
That has not been said yet. But it would make sence that there is.
i saw sumwhere that it was like 20 or 25 cuz it use to be 15 if im not mistaken and no im not guessing i saw it and it said 5 or 10 more then the old ac
it could be true, but its a rumor as of now. there has been no official info on how many villagers there will be.