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Updated Smiley Guide

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
:| mellow

:huh: what?

^_^ happy

:eek: surprised

;) right(sarcasic way)

:p silly

:D very happy
:lol: funny

B) cool
:rolleyes: has a secret

-_- disapointed
<_< angry (Storm edit what should be here)

:) happy

:wub: love
:angry: angry

:( sad

:unsure: unsure
:wacko: crazy

:blink: what?
:ph43r: shy, scared
:eek:fftopic: off topic
:eh: blah blah blah or chatterbox
:yes: yes
:no: no
:mad: Very Angry

:yawn: yawn, bored

:'( crying
:r whitlse
:mez: riiiiiiiiight*in words of a sarcastic teenager.*
:jay: to cool
>_< doh or stupid(for yourself) or I forgot!

I am going to add somthing to this thread, if you wish to add a smiliy then post it here.
;) right(sarcasic way)

It's more like...

;) maybe you should fix that


;) now do you get it?