Turnip Prices

you sure about that? my town is 83 bells. You could make this thread like everyday and people post their amout so you can find the highest price.

I just checked turnip prices and now Nook is buying at 66. Has anyone else noticed different prices during the same day?
LIQUEFY! said:
LIQUEFY! said:
Nook is buying at 128 bells each today. You are welcome to stop by and sell if you want.
Now he's buying at 120. What's up with the changing prices?
Hmm, wierd... I guess I'll come over today later and sell.

o_O so theres changes... weird... my town is 0, nooks is closed

:p somebody get their gate open so i can go to somone else's town and sell stuff
LIQUEFY! said:
Nook's buying turnips at 143 this morning.

Now he's buying at 184.
dang, i wish i wouldve waited...i bought at 106, so i was just gonna seel for any profit. i sold for 115. man, i couldve made a bunch at 180.