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The Unofficial WarioWare: Touched! Hi-Score Thread


Retired Staff
Jan 15, 2005
Astral Inner Planet Floating Gold #10
Post your high scores for the Nintendo DS game WarioWare: Touched! here!

Please use this format (these are also my scores[I don't play much]):
Wario- 51 microgames
Jimmy T.- 34 microgames
Mona- 42 microgames
Kat and Ana-39 microgames
Ashley- 36 microgames
Dr. Crygor- 32 microgames
Jamie T.- 32 microgames
James T.- 44 microgames
Mike- 39 microgames
9-Volt and 18-Volt-51 microgames
Wario-Man- 30 microgames
Monster Megamix- 37 microgames
Harcore Mix- 31 microgames
Gnarly Mix- 32 microgames
Wario : 67
Mona : 85
Jimmy T : 32
Kat and Ana (Ninja) : 56
Ashley: 49
Dr Crygor: 68
Jamie T: 41
James T: 39
Mike: 54
9volt + 18volt (Retro) : 64
WarioMan: 42
Monster Megamix: 46
Hardcore Mix: 23
Gnarly Mix: 21

I am hooked on this game!

:<_>: The game does get repetitive :<_>:
You know Dr Crygor? That throw the ball thing? Like the olympic sport?

I got 192 on That microgame.

Alas, on peeing on fire from statue (In ashley + red) i got 199!!!!