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The TBT Aprentice

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
This will be a show based off the hit show "The Apprentice" There will be 2 teams of 6. The teams will select the name for their team once the teams are chosen. I will post a challenge in this thread. As a team you must select a project maganger and post their screen name here. Then by using PMs or any other way of communication teams will complete the project. If the task isn't completed by the deadline, the other team will automatically win the challenge. The losing team will be sent to the boardroom in which everyone will be able to see because the board room will be happening live in the thread. I will select a certain time for the boardroom. The project manager of the losing team will select 2 teammates to come back to the board room with him or her. Two other people and I will decide who is fired through PM and post the results in the thread. So, right now it sounds bad to be the project manager. However if you are the winning Project Manager you will not only gain a lot of respect from your team, you will not be able to get fired for the next task if your team loses. We will keep going until one member is left. They will be named the TBT Aprencite! Tell me if you would like to be one of the two people that help with decisons. What we will need 12 players . Only join if you will be dedicated to this thread and the competition. Good luck and may the best member win! <small><small><small><small><small>Reposted with permission from Sky_Dragon</small></small></small></small></small>

Number of slots left~11

I really like that show!!!

I'll join a team.
Umm... Please someone join, i was looking forward to this.