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The Tales of the Travelers

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
"Why am I here?...why was I chosen? Why were we chosen to go chase after somthing we don't know?" Is all you can say..all you can think as you set foot into a small room with the other chosen ones...but as to why you were chosen is still un clear. You know about this man....A man called Saint Dane how he does terrible things. He is after to destroy Halla but what is Halla? Is it a place? Does it contain somthing? Well...enough questions...all things will be answered in time *gulp* hopefully....

Welcome to my RP this is an RP after the Pendragon Series a grand book that I love anyways a gruop of no more then 5 poeple will set off on a fantastic adventrue. Solving mysteries, facing foes, and have the time of thier lives.

How to Join

You need to choose from one of the characteristics below, one for each person.


Choose wisely for what really best fits you. One of the poeple from the list above will get leadership and will have to make tough dessions

Once we get 5 or 4 emmbers we wil begin. If you die all of you before a territory is saved(more on that later after poeple signed up) then it is a new game anyone can join

Well I'm signing off so night and best of luck.