The Official TBT ACWW Party 2.0


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Jun 11, 2005
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Remember the party thing we had not long ago? Well...If you enjoyed it, that's good cause now it's going to be a every 2 week thing! Starting now!

:p And remeber alot of rules have changed actully alot has changed.

This is Currently TBT's only Official ACWW party. Also as a side note there has been permission from storm for this. Now on to some stuff you need to know... You can't come unless you sign up. How to is below somewhere. And since only 4 peaple can be in a town. We need hosts to host the party at there town, so pretty well... To sign up you have to pick a town you want to go to for the party. Also all staff have the right to host.(why wouldn't they?)

How to Come to the party
In order to come you must sign up. To sign up PM me or post here this form:

Town:(what town your going to for the party. Note: Must be form the list below and not have full beside it)
ACWW Name:(your name in ACWW)
Date/Time: (Date and time of party you're going to. Check below for list of choices)

How to Host:
To sign up for hosting PM me do NOT post here. Though chances are you will not get to be a host for this party.
Hosts are no longer being accepted. Check back later if you wish to host.

General Rules:
Follow all comands the Host says. Don't steal other peaples prizes. You have no right to say what's happening next(example: Let's do net tag!) You are not allowed to go to a town that you are not signed up for during the party hours.
More coming soon.

Time and Dates:
Key: Day/Time/

Saturday 17th/--Bul and justin:Unknown--Darth:1:00pm to 1:45pm--PMK:Unknown--

Christmas Eve/--All Hosts:Unknown--

List of host towns
Key: ACWW Name/TBT Name/ACWW Town Name/

Justin/Justin125/Da Town/
No more hosts need.

So get signing up!
To be updated.
All times pacfic.
New Hosts and Dates and Times are being worked on.

Get signing up!
You may had noticed there is a password-ed board in Empire State for hosts only. if your a host please PM me for pass.
i dont think this should be an every 2 weeks thing... really... thats too often... once a month'd be alright, but every 2 weeks is really pushing it... after about 3 of these nobody'd show up.
i'l host one on the erilest date at 4pm-?pm! friend code comming soon!secdle:4pm-4:25pm gusts arive.4:25-5:00 a bug off(us only)5pm-6pm net fights 6-?pm anaything!
big said:
i'l host one on the erilest date at 4pm-?pm! friend code comming soon!secdle:4pm-4:25pm gusts arive.4:25-5:00 a bug off(us only)5pm-6pm net fights 6-?pm anaything!
And fish... I kinda agree with you. Now i think about it.
It will be every month, final. But... No canseling for the upcoming one.
Hey I would love to help out contact me if you need any for anything, hosting prizes you name it I'll work on it.
actually, im not sure if i can do mine tomorow...would it be ok to delay it one weekend justin? christmas eve (the 24th) would be much better for me.
Sorry everyone, i'm gonna have to cansel this. (not enough peaple)
ill post when it starts tommorrow!
ill be on around 7:00 pm central time, tonight,
so pm me your friend code, and give me a couple thing syou think ill need,
and were good!
I wont let this idea die!
justin, pm me and give me a party plan, and ill follow it!
It's okay. Someone can lock this.