The Legacy Of (insert name here)


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Jan 14, 2005
well we start off at a AC fan store...suddenly a (insert descriptive stuff here) looking person named (insert name here) comes in...

next person fills in blanks and adds another part
eats, platypus, Canada

The platypus (verb) at Seth, and he (verb) the platypus with a (noun)
attacks, rubber chicken

and he starts to (Verb) the platypus with his rubber chicken, yelling (Exclamation)
come, eat

you! So he does and he then walks to (Place). At (Same Place) he finds a (Noun)

A (noun) He decides Canada is too (adjective), so he (Trasportation verb Ect:Walk,Run,Fly) to (place) and then
Platypus, dumb , walk, Spain.

Seth (Verb ending in s) Spain, after seeing a girl poop on a group of (A group such as birds, fish, etc.) After Seth (Same verb ending in s) e decides to move to (place)
no offence but i dont think that will work

Seth (hates) Spain, after seeing a girl poop on a group of (flamingos.) After Seth (hates) e decides to move to (germany)

now if i insert Hates in there

it jsut wont work

nothing will work in there

i suggest rethinking ur post
(Ok take out the verb with s and just have it verb and have a diffrent verb for the second one.)