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The Jedi Outcasts [army/rp]


Junior Member
May 31, 2005
THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MOVIES IT IS BASED ON THE GAME JEDI OUTCAST 2.[and i got the ok from gothkid befor i started this and if a mod sees this please dont loack it ok and my friend krios gave this to me so i am now owner and pm me if you have problems ok]


It was a long tim ago in a galaxy far far away.
the new republic has finaly taken power and the jedi order is restored. but not all in the order could remain pure...and thus they r cast out from the jedi. that is us. for becomeing to close to the darkside but still being in the light. some of us choose to leave but most are forced out to protect our selfs from the dark side we have come to gether to create our own order. the jedi outcasts.
we may call upon both the darkside and the light makeing us more powerful than the regular jedi and sith. and thus we have become what we r......outcasts.

Lightsabers: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, ETC. (you can have other colors but you have to choose 1 ofthe starting 1s till i give you the color crystal you want)

Blasters-DL-44 Blaster Pistol, E11 Blaster Rifle, Tenloss Disruptor Rifle, Wookie Bowcaster, Imperial Heavy Repeater, Demp 2, Golan Arms Flechette, Stouker Concussion Rifle, Merr-Sonn Missle Syastem

StarFighters- We have all sorts of class's of ships but you cant get one untill we give one to you. Any1 is now given a fighter but you have to choose ok like a A-wing, B-wing, etc. And Masters get as many fighters they want and knights only get 3 fighters. padowans only get 1. a padowan being trained by a master gets 2.

TIE Hunter
TIE Fighter


Outcast Leader- Smashbro964
Outcasts co-leader-
Outcast master-
Outcast knight-

Outcast Council Leader- Smashbro964
Outcast Council member- Krios, Spiderfan71890, Teenbowser, Fourtdays

Our Ship is the Ebon Hawk. We found it in a scrapyard and we have rebuilt it. This is our main ship where we move around in. HERE is a link to the ship.

Naboo Base-
Our base is on Naboo, in the swapy region where it is hard to find. Our base has lots of places.
Armory-weapons are here
Garden-a nice place that is calm
Training room-you get trained here
Kitchen-come here to eat
Debriefing room-your mission debrifings will be here
Hanger-We store our ships here
Tech Room-we reasearch stuff here
Rooms-This is where your room is located

How to Join-
Rank: (padowan- everyone starts here)
Lightsaber color:
Primary Blaster:
Bio (optional) :

Force Powers-
you will be awarded points for doing multiply things ok here it is

1 point= upgrade to a force power you already have

5 points= a new force power

Starting powers-
Force push
Force pull
force jump

Force powers-
lightsaber throw
force speed
force sense
force absord
force heal
force mind trick
force protect
force drain
force grip
force lightning
force rage
force sight
force explotion
force fire
force freeze
force disable
force choke
force armor
force stun

all power start at level 1 and can go up to level 5

ETc. (you can be any star wars race you want those were just Ex. )

Support Forums

No G-Modding
No Flaming
No Spamming
No bringing stuff up about another rp if so you will be banned for 24 hours
No talking back to higher ranks
Name: Axon
Rank: Padawan
Lightsaber color: Silver, but ultin then, blue.
Race: Human
Primary Blaster: Concussion Rifle
Gender: Male
Bio (optional) : Some random dude.
Ship: TIE Fighter
UltraByte said:
Name: Axon
Rank: Padawan
Lightsaber color: Silver, but until then, blue.
Race: Human
Primary Blaster: Concussion Rifle
Gender: Male
Bio (optional) : Some random dude.
Ship: TIE Fighter
Hey yeah made it here too!

I got my same stats:

Name: Arkon
Rank: Padawan
Lightsaber color: blue
Race: Human
Primary Blaster: DL-44 Blaster
Gender: Male
Bio (optional) :
Ship: ARC-130
Name: Artix
Rank: Force Hunter
Lightsaber color: Silver
Race: Unknown
Primary Blaster: (none)
Gender: Male
Bio (optional):(none)
Ship: Was destroyed
Name: Artix
Rank: Force Hunter
Lightsaber color: Silver
Race: Unknown
Primary Blaster: (none)
Gender: Male
Bio (optional):(none)
Ship: Was destroyed
Oh can I be a force hunter? It is a star wars rank
Name: Pik-EE-toobenoobigooblesnarph
Rank: Padawan
Lightsaber color: Seafoam

Race: Human
Primary Blaster: Imperial Heavy Repeater
Gender: Herma... >_> Male
Ship: A-Wing
ok there is a imperial camp not far from here that has a gunship we need for mission later ok. we are going to get it
I think that we should snipe from a nearby hill and take out as much guards as we can. Just my thought, though.
Okay. If you want to take the easier way, you could snipe. Then when they notice us, pull out our lightsabers and get them.
I think we should go with Axon's plan, but not all of us have Snipers...

Maybe a missile?

*doesn't know what to say

:p *