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The Fight For TBT (Halloween RP)


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2004
Im back... only to find horrible woods forsaken The Bell Tree.
We must destroy them, the spirits of the woods, and we must destroy them by Halloween Midnight or they will grow and take over the entire forum.

Whos with me!?

Character Signup Sheet:


Weapon:2 Sawed-Off Shot Guns
Armor: Leather Torso Armor steel knee pads and shoulder plates
Appearence:Long Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
Weapon:Invisiable Spray
Armor:Football helmet, sheet of metal hanging around neck protecting body
Appearence:5'11", thin, built, awesome!
we may be 1 recruit short but midnight nears and we must complete the first task.


With the woods growing by the second the "Last Tree Curse'becomes easier,and easier to be cursed with for the first assignment we must cut down the source tree to stop the growing of the woods. I assume it has already sprouted into 3 other minor LTC sources. You will all have to take care of one.

I am unaware of who sent us this order but it seems sensible. . I'll take the major source.
Name: Rekoto
Weapon: Eletric Sword
Armor: Metal Plate On Eye, Bullet proof vest
Appearance: 6'3";Long Blonde hair with blue streaks.

*Stands at attention and awaits orders*

EDIT***: name change
This is worst than I thought the LTC source is growing at unimagionable rates we have to move out now!

THERE ARE ALREADY 5 MINOR LTC SOURCES AND 3 MAJOR! Julius and I will take down the major LTC sources, his weapon will be good for that.

Justin, Hammurabi, and Gilgamash go destroy any others you can find.

*loads shotgun*

Name: Fish
Weapon: Seaweed Whip

Armor: Waterbed armor
Appearence: a Fish holding a bit of seaweed in his mouth... inside a waterbed, inside a bowl.

umm... i need someone to carry me >_>
*sees an **umph** comming*

*wiggles the **umph** to death*

:eek: i win! and i didn't die!

*continues wiggling*
*eats fishfood*

*watches an **umph** break the fishbowl*


*uses sageness on **umph** *

*watches **umph** explode into a thousand pieces*

*grows a new fishbowl*

*rolls around*
*thinks* wow i havent done that in awhile *picks up rocks* tehehe *smashes enemy* wow that was easy hmph* ouch *picks pluto* *smashes enemy* i win!
*hits random things with a whip*


*rolls fishbowl way fast into the forest*

HELP!!!!! i cant stop!

*accidently splits a tree in half*
only_half_evil333 said:
ouch u hit me! :mad: that hurt *picks up random pebbles* *throws them at fish*
*watches you miss, seeing how im 6 miles away from you at the moment*

wow... i think i broke one of those things we either WERE supposed to break, or WEREN'T

*shatters fishbowl over an **Umph** *

*brings out Fishtank*

Heavy Firepower! this thing whips for me! and its 30 times less accurate!