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Mar 7, 2005
<img src="http://tinypic.com/20jhv7">
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Publisher: Sony
Online publisher: DNAS, Gamespy
Music: Pandemic, LucasArts
Developer: LucasArts
Genre: Action
No. of players: 1-2 Players (Online capabilities if have network adapter then 1-16 players.)
Release Date: Now Shipping
ESRB Rating: T
Now, before I begin, let me just say what I'll be Reviewing is the single player experience, and also the split screen experience.

Let's break this down into categories, shall we?

<img src="http://tinypic.com/20jj89">
-- Graphics --

The Pros: You get the feeling you are part of the Star Wars battles with authentic looking characters, vehicles, and surroundings. The battlegrounds themselves are well animated and do not look as blocky as I would have thought. This is essential, because without it, I could not crawl on the ground on Endor and feel like I was actually going through the brush on the planet. The creators did an excellent job of lighting, reflections, and structure for their graphics.

<img src="http://tinypic.com/20jmty">
A amazing AT-AT in the battle of Hoth.

The Cons: Some areas look bland (mostly due to being covered in sand or snow), and make it difficult to see what you are targeting. Running through a thicket of bushes on certain planets presents of the problem of obstructing a view when your character should technically be past the bush. The bush hangs in your way, and because you can't see, you think you are hidden. Generally, you aren't.

Graphics Score: 9. Bottom Line: Looks too realistic to sweat the small stuff.

<img src="http://tinypic.com/20jhxs">
-- Gameplay --

The Pros: With large areas to explore and destroy, there's lots to do. Deciding if you want to smash your enemies with an AT-ST, charging in with guns blazing, snipe your opponents, or try to take out the enemy skiff that's decimating your front lines adds strategy and gameplay depth. In a lot of battles, especially on the hard difficulty, you really have to have a game plan before you rush the enemy. You can tell your troops to do certain things, like follow you or hold their position. The story battle mode was expected, but the challenge of taking over a galaxy was new and done well. The best part is, you can do everything with another person, or you can go against 'em for control of the galaxy! There are tons of vehicles to use, and some are definitely required to win certain fights. Other are just for fun! There are several types of characters to use for fights, each of which are important to any battle.

<img src="http://tinypic.com/20jmyt">
Take on the Imperials at Cloud City.

Extra info for dumb people: Everything that you need to worry about has been taken care of and done in an oustanding way. The controls are done well and are very responsive for what you need to do. So, if a laser flies past you're head and you don't move in time for the next, that's your fault. The only problem I had with the controls are with the star ships, they don't have a brake button, or I didn't find it, so you had to just fly in bomb, turn around and do it again. Some ship controls are perfect however, like the clone transport ships that are famous in Episode 2. Though there is one game mode it is very entertaining and will give you the satisfaction you need. There is just something impressive about this game. All the settings have everything that you would see in the movie, including traps!!! Also, on planets where you've seen certain planets, the characters are there, helping you or running around like an idiot, so yes, the Gungans are in this game. You can choose between the Clone War Character set or the Imperial War character set, each with a cast of characters that I'm sure are going to impress. Each set has five different men, including the basic assault man, with the automatic and grenades,the scout with the sniper rifle and probing devices,the Arc Trooper, who is great for taking out that annoying tank pounding away at your base, the cool pilot, who has the ability to through health packs around an repair vehicles, and finally the special slot. Each special has a unique character with cool abilities but isn't cheap, you're either going to like them or not, and NO, they are not Jedi.

<img src="http://tinypic.com/20jn05">
The ever Famous Battle of Endor!

The Cons: Vehicles are difficult to control, and most often, either VERY fast or VERY slow. You can control your troops to some extent, but they follow too blindly, either fanning out away from command posts or not backing you up properly when you charge the enemy. The game revolves around eliminating your opponent's reinforcements, which can also be helped along by controlling command posts. Too much of the gameplay is spent on capturing these command posts, when they really should be used only as respawn points to continue the battle. Vehicles can be extremely difficult to control, which will keep you out of the TIE fighters and the X and Y wings. All of the factions have roughly the same type of fighters (a trooper, a sniper, a rocket launcher person, etc.). There is virtually no distinction between the troops, except for the droid army.

<img src="http://tinypic.com/20jn6w">
Take on the Cloning Facility on Kamino!

Gameplay Score: 8.25. Bottom Line: Blasting everything in sight is fun, especially with Star Wars stuff!

<img src="http://tinypic.com/20jnvd">
-- Story --
Basically you are just fighting the famous battles of Star Wars your own way without! letting the game make the choices for you! (Like what you can or should do)

<img src="http://tinypic.com/20jj92">
-- Sound --

The Pros: This is exactly what you would expect. All the sounds from the movies and previous games are in this one. Lasers sound like
BASTOISE99 said:
I love this game. I have the ps2 version and its great. The sounds really realistic too.
Whoa it's like seeing double of me!
i have for PS2 and I love it, but wait do you have online capabilities?
This is my album of pictures, like my gallery.

Heres #1
good reveiw, if you make more try to do the pictures the right way though


its not the Nsider way, you press the little icon that says IMG, then you copy the URL too it

Its a cool game. I love it. I, also wish it was for the GCN. A strange thing that happened on my friends Baattlefront: Darth Vader was chasing my friend, and my friend went on the opposite side of the serloc pit fron DV. And soon enough, while DV was running into the serloc pit, it grabbed him!
I enjoy fighting the Jedi heros. (hint use grenades)
This one time in the Bespin Platforms DV was chasing me around the middle plattform I threw a grenade near him then shot at him which I think stoped him from moving. The grenade blew up and DV did a backflip off the edge it looked so funny!
I was playing bespin platforms one day andcount dooko was chasing me, he cahsed me to a platform with a jedi starfighter on it. I got in it, took off, and landed right there and i crushed him! It was great! then i emediatly got shot down though because a anti aircraft gun was shooting at me.