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the high scores for today are as follows:

Systemsmeltdown: 10/10! first try, good job!

Ultrabyte: 10/10 first try aswell. good one

<big><big><big><big><big>the Bank Vault</big></big></big>

this is the place where i write down how much money you get



Systemsmeltdown: 20 bells

Ultrabyte: 20 bells
look at my msg

i looked it up

heres what the cover looks like

in Webster's II
New Riverside

Property of U.S. Government
topic 2 is out, this ones by ultrabyte


good luck, its really hard... yeah, have fun, and send the answeres strait to her

anyone even going to try...

you're all making Ultrabyte sad


acually i dont know... someone try or something