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Shirts for Sale!


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Sep 18, 2010
Dragon Tokens
I have HEAPS of shirts i need to get rid of. Here they are:
subdued print
wrestler shirt
watermelon shirt
flan shirt
MVP shirt
cherry shirt
grass shirt
melon shirt x2
flame shirt
prism shirt
chevron shirt x2
BB shirt
Latin uniform
red tie-dye
star shirt x2
pink zap suit
pulse shirt
bear top
lite polka shirt
frog top
sailor's uniform
space suit
blue retro shirt
desert camo
scale armor suit
orange tie-dye
firefighter tee
security shirt
blue check shirt
nine-ball shirt
beaded shirt
red grid shirt
American shirt
go-go shirt
hot dog shirt
six-ball shirt
No. 23 shirt
bold check shirt x2
eight-ball shirt
tin shirt
fresh shirt
explorer shirt
aqua polka shirt
armor suit
shirt circuit
big star shirt
checkered shirt
future shirt
Persian coat
racer 6 shirt
Nile shirt

Thats all of them. to see what they look like visit http://accf.wikispaces.com/Clothes Post which shirt and i will tell you the price