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Quiz time!

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
First one to answer all wil get 1,000 bells!

Q: What is the name of THIS enemy?

Q: How many Star Wars games did Nintendo publish?

Q:How many spikes does groundon have on his body?

Q: What popular Television Show does Nintendo partially own?

Q: How many colors does Yoshi come in?

Q: Who is the main character of Gumshoe?

Q: What was the name of the puzzle game released in 1984 that was Nintendo's take on

Q: What game made by Nintendo was a classic Battleship adoption for the original Game Boy?

Q: What two systems was Goldeneye 007 made for?

Q: Who was the main character in the game, "Nazo no Murasamejou"?

Q: To whom did Nintendo lose the rights to publish Sim City on the consoles?

Q: Hajimari no Mori was the last game developed by Nintendo in what genre?

Q: In SM64DS, how do you beat the game without beating Bowser in the Dark World?

Q: What does the game "Millennium Family" require you to do?

Q: What three developers were in deveolpment of a 1080 Snowboarding game at one time?

Q: What system was Hogan's Alley made for? (Trust me on this one )

Q: How many times has a Kid Icarus game been Published?

Q: What is Nintendo's only in-house traditional fighting game?

Q: How many Mario inspired games have been made? (including licenced and cancled games)

Q: What was rare about the zapper game "To the Earth"?
1. Blueshorse
2. 33 Link
3. 16
4. Pokemon
5. 14 Look at Description and Other Notes towards the bottom. This is a link.
6. Mr. Stevenson
7. Tetris
9. N64 and PS2
10. Takamaru
12. Action/Adventure
13. After you get 50 stars, unlocking the big star door (with Mario) will allow you to access the last area in the game. There are a few more stages up here, as well as another big door (you can go in any time, but now you cannot go all the way up because of endless stairs). The clock will lead you to Tick Tock Clock. There are two holes on the walls on either side of the room. If you are standing in front of the clock, going into the right one will lead you to Rainbow Ride. The left leads to Over the Rainbows.
15. Englishmen Giles Goddard and Colin Reed programmed 1080