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Quite the bargain


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Feb 6, 2005
<big><big><big>Hello and Welcome to the Absolutly Random Trivia!</big>

here is your host: Piranha2


heres how things will work, i will post 10 questions, you will PM me the answers, then i will post how many you got right on the score board... pretty simple right? good


tonights topic is....


ok... tonight is things about me! horray! now you can test your skills on how much you know me



1. what was my name here at TBT before it was Piranha2?
2. how old am i?
3. what state do i live in?
4. what is my Favorite Smiley?
5. what happened to my Profile? (NSider)
6. around how many posts do i have at NSider?
7. what is my NSider Avatar?
8. what is my MSN name?
9. T/F i am a girl
10. T/F i have a pet cat named Whiskers

ok, try doing these without looking places... since most of them can be found places

:p yeah, if you do it all off the top of your head, you get a dollar (not really)

and remember... <big><big><big><big><big>PM ME! </big></big></big> your answers.

thank you, good luck

<big><big><big><big><big>Score Board! </big></big></big>
yay... the score board... this is the place to see your score... and everyone elses


a bad score is nothing to be ashamed of... seriously... i would probably miss a few things about myself


anyway, here we go:

Quiz 1 Subject: Piranha2, Scores:

Nice one Zero.

:p He had posted them here, by the way.

;) He deleted the post, I'm not insane.

PIKMIN042 said:
Nice one Zero. :p He had posted them here, by the way. ;) He deleted the post, I'm not insane.

yeah, no one could see my answers. I should have edited it,but I decided deleting was better.

edit: stupid spelling errors.
What's it like? Mines under construction, but it has white furniture with grey walls and almost black accents. It'll look very ultra-modern once it's finished, but the carpet is annoying...
When you get a job.

I once wanted to be a teacher, then meteorologist, then interior designer (

:p ) and now I want to be a lawyer.

:p More of a legal consultant than someone who goes to court, though.
mines.... white.... with things stuffed everywhere


my beds a bunkbed

:D even though im the only one in here


yours is better.... (even though i've never seen it) black and white is the best

Of course, I want to get a different job until I go to college, but what do you want to be eventually.

mine is green walls,green carpet.maroon furniture with a computer and a large TV. It even has a cofee table.
wow.... big...


yeah... i hear "furniture" and im thinking... wow... i've got like... a chair... and a chest (built into my wall :p)
im going to work at gamestop... hopfully... that would be awsome, nobody would get mad at me for playing a gameboy when people arent there its advertising right

Well it is summer and i have more free time...
unfortunately that may mean I will be spending more time with friends or playing new videogames!!

So I was at Gamestop with some recently aquired money and my brother wanted X-men Legends but they had a buy 2 used games get one free so I picked out Baiten Kiatos(heard it ws a good RPG), and Viewtiful Joe, which was also supposed to be good. So far I've been playing Viewtiful Joe and it is fun but I wanted to know if you guys thought those are good choices to buy.
Well for me I got Engineer, Pilot, or something with video games.

i already am taking lessons to learn to fly but i think I want a different job, but having my own plane would be pretty sweet! Who needs a car!

for the other 2 I will start at square one in college.