punkvill helpers wanted


Sep 5, 2010
Dragon Tokens
ok i will be willing to pay 3500 bells in accf and gardeners people that have golden watering cans so hoping to get replys so please HELPERS WANTED :gyroidsideways: :veryhappy:
I wish I had a gold can.
But I only have a silver one. =[
I've been trying to get one for a while. =[
ahahah ok budddy i was just asking for help to pick up like few weeds rooster *censored.3.0* i got a gold can u faggit hb u stop asking ppl with gold cans to come.. when silver is better for hybrids all gold is good for is gold roses and i bet u cant even make a hybrid..... or get a good status for ur town
bennyzv said:
ok first all u want is freaking help go start a dam topic 2 i do just not the code
Clearly, you didn't understand what I said. I never stated that I needed help hacking. I'm just stating that for someone who claimed to know how to hack, asking for help cleaning up your town or fixing it is a bit strange.

Side Note: Lol at bad grammar fights.
I will help! No problem! I have gold and silver cans and shovels, just tell me when to come and I will be there. I am a good gardener, so whenever you're ready! ^-^