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Power On is in Peril

yes, i was there yesterday when that all started.... i, unfortunatly was a part of it ^-^ heh...

just a little part... i started one thread, that was it... nothing big... i never bumped it or whatever, i saw people making like 500 threads... bumping them all... yeah, thats pretty annoying.
I just PMed him instead, some friends of mine were tal;king over how intel(I said a big word

:eek: ^_^) discusions can be braught back, and ironicly the next moring, what we said would happened, happened, and I sent out some PMs


Where will the chat threads go! what is wrong with a little spam and if people are warned and still spam ban them!
Just don't remove the board!
it is not realy the spammers fault, it is the poeple that try to stop it like sayng SPAM! or spam pics, that is the real reason.
Well actually trying to stop spam by saying SPAM!!!!!! is spam in itself and still should follow the same rules.