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Pokemon ZA Starter Ideas


Jan 2, 2015
Smash Ball
Tera Orb
Golden Salmonid Egg
Tera Orb
Smash Ball
Summer Shell
Pink Summer Shell
Golden Easter Egg
Blue Mote of Flame
Orange Mote of Flame
I was wondering what people think the starters for Pokemon ZA will be? Obviously they'll bring back some old ones but give them regional forms as they did in Arceus so does anyone have any ideas of what 3 they will bring back and then what their regional forms could be based on?

I'm feeling like they will atleast have Sprigatito with its popularity from ScarVio and it being Liko's starter Pokemon in the anime reboot, but anymore ideas?
I've seen people say Litten will be the fire starter, but if they add Sprigatito, 2 cats would be overkill, so I'm hoping for Treecko (grass), Litten (fire), and Froakie (water). I wouldn't be opposed to sprigatito being available in the game via a sidequest or dlc though!
Considering the Sinnoh starters were not featured as any starter in LA, I think all three Kalos starters will be off the table. Maybe we will see a gen 1, 8 and 3 starter? Just going off of the trends in LA. Personally I would like to see Squirtle, Treecko and Tepig (even though Tepig is not gen 8 and rather 5 lol.)