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Official TBT Rank Thread


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Jan 15, 2005
Astral Inner Planet Floating Gold #10
Yep. :yes: Today is my last day of school. We're going to Valleryfair!, which is the local amusement park. I won't be back until later tonight.

Also, I just got new spearkers with a subwoofer.

:p I might hook it up to my GameCube sometimes.
<big><big><big><big><big>Official TBT Rank Thread</big></big></big></big></big><big></big><big><big>

Normal Ranks

-0 Posts
The grass that grows all over your Animal Crossing Town

[color=33aa55]Weed [/color]
-8 Posts
The annoying little weeds that grow if you don't pluck them.

[color=33aa55]Flower [/color]
-17 Posts
The several kinds of flowers available at Nook's.

-29 Posts
Hit 'em with your slingshot in ACWW to receive a prize, or come upon one in AC to receive one as well.

-41 Posts Fruits can edit their own posts and post advertisements in the advertisement board.
The fruit that grows on your town's native tress

-55 Posts
A fruit, taken from the island. It will only grow near the beach.

Rare Fruit
-116 Posts
A fruit that is not native to your town.

-190 Posts
A hole in the ground. Many things can be buried with many results.

Shimmering Hole
-241 Posts
A hole that shimmers, meaning there are treasures to be dug up.

-337 Posts
A special item that makes animals fall in to a trick hole.

-408 Posts
A rock. Plain and simple.

Red Rock
-594 Posts
A rock that produces Bells when you hit it with the shovel or axe.

-727 Posts
One of 40 catchable insects.

-855 Posts
Group stars at the Museum in ACWW to form your own unique constealltions.

-1009 Posts
One of 40 catchable fish.

-1172 Posts
A fossil. Send it to the museum to get it identified!

A special item that dances and makes noises when you drop it in your house.

-1561 Posts
A Bell. A unit of currency.

Shooting Star
-1700 Posts
In ACWW, make a wish when you see one, and something really good might happen.

Bag of Bells
-1860 Posts
A bag full of Bells, usually used when giving or digging up Bells.

[color=33cccc]Turnip [/color]
-2011 Posts
Turnips are items with prices that vary everyday. Buy them on Sunday and wait for the big price!

[color=33cccc]Candy [/color]
-2163 Posts
A piece of candy only available around Halloween.

[color=33cccc]K.K. Aircheck [/color]
-2462 Posts
A recording of K.K. Slider singing one of his famous songs.

-2752 Posts
An item that can dig holes and hit rocks.

Golden Axe
-3028 Posts
An invincible axe, used for cutting down trees.

[color=999999]NES [/color]
-3407 Posts
One of 15 NES games available.

[color=999999]Forbidden NES [/color]
-3856 Posts
One of four untradable and ultra-rare NES games.

Fruit Tree
-4444 Posts Fruit Tress can make polls in any board they are normally allowed to post in.
A tree containing native fruit.

Coconut Tree
-5185 Posts
A tree containing coconuts

Rare Fruit Tree
-6754 Posts
A tree containing non-native fruit.

Golden Shovel Tree
-8419 Posts
A tree that was grown to produce a Golden Shovel.

Bell Tree
-10409 Posts
A tree containing Bells.

-12849 Posts
A clerk at the post office. Pelly is ncie where Phyliss is grumpy.

Fortune Teller
-14080 Posts
A fortune teller will give you your fortune for 50 Bells.

Turnip Seller
-15860 Posts
A seller of turnips, the heart of the Stalk Market.

-18353 Posts
A tailor makes patterns and keeps an eye on the local fashion world.

-20239 Posts
A salseman sells you all items, you have to compare yourself!

-23706 Posts
A maker of fine paintings.

-26223 Posts
A writer and singer of songs.

-27521 Posts
A salesman making large endeavors in the business world.

-29310 Posts
The mayor of the town.

Feng-Shui Master
-33830 Posts
A master of Feng Shui, the art of arranging objects to harmonize.

HRA Master
-35903 Posts
A master of the HRA; The Happy Room Academy. They judge your home based on certain criteria.

Bell Master
-39001 Posts
A master of Bells. A billionaire.

<big><big><big><big><big>Rank Faq</big></big></big></big></big><big><big>

Editing- Once you get 41 posts, or Fruit, you will be able to edit.

Poll Making- When you reach 4444 posts and become a Fruit Tree, you will be able to make your own poll. The number is a bit too high, so expect it to be lowered sometime
Deleting- The staff has not yet decided if we will give normal members the power to delete. If we do let them delete, it will probably be in a pretty high rank.

More will be added later!

High Ranks

Sages can edit, delete and make polls in the board they are allowed to post in. They have their own private board that normal members can't see and a normal board that normal members can see, but can't post in.

What is a Sage?
A Sage is an upstanding member of the community. There are currently 4 Sages at TBT:

Special Ranks
Special ranks can be received usually through contests. There are several.

Administrative Ranks
Admins have EVERY power possible on this board

What is an Admin?
An Admin is a person who runs the forums. They can do anything around the forums, and can access the magical Admin CP that can do many things to the board or users.

Global Mod/Local Mod
Mods can delete posts/threads, edit posts/threads and lock threads made by other users and themselves. They have all the powers of a Sage, as well. They also have the Mod CP for things around the forums.

What is a Mod?
A Mod's job is to moderate the forums, making sure things stay on-topic, appropriate and not spammy.

I think that about sums it up, if there are spelling errors or other errors PM me.
My last day is friday, Finals monday, tueadsay, wednesday, then I'm done for 2 weeks. After that I take EarthScience regents, and Spanish Proficiency
ZERO_13 said:
looks good, but with a little more color (html) it would look much better.
Um, I thought I went over this... no HTML here... >_>

I have to find out which colors those are...
Oh, this will change soon with the upcoming ranks. :yes:

But Bulerias... Don't post the rank ups here, they only have that at NSider because they don't have access too the rank list. :\
PIKMIN042 said:
I have to find out which colors those are...
Well I know that Weed is green because I'm a weed right now.
the sages coloris green and bold,the admin color is red and bold, the mod employee, global and local mod color is blue and bold and thats all I know.
BAMBAM! said:
actually we already had one, Storm never floated it though so it was a pain to get it <_<
It was actually Ye Old Rank Thread, and it had all of the old ranks there.