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Dec 2, 2004
If you would like your friend code here, please post it with this form:

Forums username: AC:WW Name in AC:WW Town Name, Friend Code

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STORMTROOPER88888: Jeremy in Village, 2319-8896-0813
BULERIAS: Daniel in Canada, 4338-5231-3606 (DO NOT USE FOR TBTS)
BULERIAS2: Paco in Canada, Friend Code Coming Soon
BASTOISE99: Mike in Chaos, 2792-3370-2132
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15: Seth in Lithimus, 0301-2781-8363
Linkerator96761: ??? in ???, ????-????-????
DarthGohan1: Julius in Zebes, 4510-3241-8154
Justin in Da Town
I got this because I thought it be very good to go on line and play. Looks like you need Freind code and they have to be on at the same time.

Mine is Name, Town, and Freind code:

Raymond Michigan 1160-2480-5394

I will get on tomorrow. Getting late today.

-Raymond Day
I guess people all ready know this but.

You have to go to the Gatekeeper and talk to him. The list you can get will only show up if others talked to the Gatekeeper to open the doors. Then you can see the Wi-Fi Connection icon wile you are playing or just sitting there. Then others can see you on there Friend who's code you enter on your Distant Towns menu.

I go to my Distant Towns menu now and no one shows up. I guess because they don't have there Town's main gate open. Tell The Gatekeeper "Invite guests!" then wait and that way people will see you when you pick "I wanna go out!"

I am not sure if you can just keep your "Distant Towns" menu open and then when some one on your friend code list will show in it when they pick "I wanna go out!"

-Raymond Day
oh just so u all know the connecticut isnt my town name, thats where im from ^^ all my infos on my profile sorry for the confusion!! :r
Hey guys, first post here.

I'm Chris, from Fourside (Awesome to see a bunch of Earthbound references.

:) One of my favorite games!). My code is: 4853-9203-7957.

I would love to schedule a meetup for some fruit trading, some bug fishing, and the like.


I've never played Animal Crossing before this game, and I'm loving it.

Player: GAMEQ
Town: Laredo

Friend Code: 2534-6379-2843

I'm not playing online a lot, since I can only play online when I'm at the university. But I'm hoping to have DSL soon. (currently using dial-up). <_<
Bulerias said:
TBT Forums Name: Name and Town, Friend Code

STORMTROOPER88888: ??? in ???, ???
BULERIAS: Daniel in Canada, 4338-5231-3606
BASTOISE99: ??? in ???, ???
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15: ??? in ???, ???
Mino: Flick in Quagton, 4295-5741-7979
Linkerator96761: ??? in ???, ???
DarthGohan1: ??? in ???, ???