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New Sig Limit

Mine was too big at the moment because I lowered it again to 150.

i will side with JJ

but its true some newbs had huge sigs
i think that higher ranks should get more space

and you earn space for ur sig ya kno?

catch my drift
BASTOISE99 said:
Hes not the only one who thinks it...Its unfair! I was never suggesting it to be this small!
Look at Nsider.


It's smaller than this.
BASTOISE99 said:
I know! iTs rediculous! We want TBT to be better at least i that sense. The members here hate it too!
I'm okay with it


Whenever I see that red box on someones sig, I am amused

so ur trying to turn us into Nsider?

the reason theirs is so small is because they have tens of thousands of members

we just have like 100
this new sig limit is the worst thing that EVER happened to TBT.
Are you serious...? Well... um... Storm?
yeah, I AM serious....I like being able to HAVE A SIG OR TWO! Now I cant even have one because of the size I make my sigs. :mad: seriosly.....