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New Ranks are Finally Here!!


Not an actual piece of furniture.
Site Owner
Nov 7, 2004
Chomp Call
Smash Ball
Golden Watering Can
Red Pansy
White Pansy
White Pansy
Red Hyacinth
Yellow Hyacinth
White Hyacinth
White Rose
That's right, there here. There wont be a rank thread yet so use the rough list that I copied and pasted.

Grass 0
Weed 8
Flower 17
Fruit 41
Coconut 55
Rare Fruit 116
Hole 190
Shimmering Hole 241
Pitfall 337
Rock 408
Red Rock 594
Insect 727
Fish 1009
Fossil 1172
Gyroid 1324
Bell 1561
Bag of Bells 1860
Turnip 2011
Candy 2163
K.K. Aircheck 2462
Shovel 2752
Golden Axe 3028
NES 3407
Forbidden NES 3856
Fruit Tree 4444
Coconut Tree 5185
Rare Fruit Tree 6754
Golden Shovel Tree 8419
Bell Tree 10409
Clerk 12849
Fortune Teller 14080
Turnip Seller 15860
Tailor 18353
Salesman 20239
Artist 23706
Musician 26223
Entrepreneur 27521
Mayor 29310
Feng-Shui Master 33830
HRA Master 35903
Bell Master 39001

The colors go by groups. I wont be able to show you until the rank thread. But you can see what group you're in by the number in your stats. You can also estimate the group by seeing which near ranks are similar.

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