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New Leaf Curiosity


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Feb 18, 2024

I'm not new to the Animal Crossing world, but, I started New Horizons and absolutely loved it/love it. Now I'm curious about New Leaf after watching gameplays for it, it reminds me so much of the old game that I was fond of for many years. Will it be worth playing in 2024, considering Nintendo shut down its online content :/
For as long as you have two 3DSs or another person to play with you, I can say yes.

The only things you’ll be locked out of are Club Tortimer, the Dream Suite, and faraway travel. But most features would remain intact. As for dream town sharing, you can take photos and upload them to a blog or something.
I don't think I can imagine a life without knowing that at any moment I can turn on my Nintendo and return to Animal Crossing New Leaf, although maybe one day it will happen. It's a game that relaxes and entertains me regardless of multiplayer, some features will be blocked like visiting dream addresses and going to Tortimer island with strangers (but you can still enjoy your island), but all other features remain intact and I I think there's still a lot to enjoy. When I was 12-13 years old until my 15 more or less, I didn't have a good internet connection and the Welcome amiibo update didn't even exist, so I only played in single player and I didn't even visit dreams. Yet I had a lot of fun and loved interacting with the villagers. I think Population Growing, Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf or New Horizons doesn't matter. Each of us has an Animal Crossing game that they will always boot up with pleasure and will always give they a smile and pleasant hours, even if you have already completed everything! (Lately I've been trying to complete the aesthetics of my town, I've always put it off forever because there were a lot of other things keeping me busy). I think that Animal Crossing, any game in the series, is an experience to be had and always worth the trip!
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When I was playing New Leaf I barely ever used any of the online features and still had a great time! I don't have a new 3DS or a NFC reader to use amiibos either so I would just get all my villagers randomly. If you can enjoy having a little less control vs in New Horizons I think the game is still very worth it.
Absolutely! I recently got the game and have been super into it. There’s a lot of things different from ACNH, but it has a lot of really good features also not in there :) (also, if you don’t have a 3ds and are going to get one for this, get a “new” model for the amiibo features, they’re really useful :3)
You should totally go for it! Just because Nintendo is shutting down online play in April doesn't mean you can't still have fun playing New Leaf! There are a lot of other things to do that don't have anything to do with online activity.