[NA] Trading Series 1-5, Looking for 1-5 & WA

Hi! Unfortunately, I only need one card from your list, but I've got a 'most wanted' card for you! Would you send me your #385 Lucky for my #090 Axel?
Sorry for such a late reply, but yes I can do that trade if you're still up for it. If so send me a DM C:
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Wild!!!! Were they all at the discount price too?
Man I wish, they were actually more expensive (for 1-4 series it was like 7-12 bucks, I forget how much exactly)

I want to go back and check on it though because high chance that they're still there after all this time.
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hi! would you trad 91 muffy for 359 apple? :)
Hey I just wanted to check in and see if you still wanted to do this trade? DM me if yes, but no worries if not. Cheers C:
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Alright everyone I'm doing like an anti-bump because I just messed up big time and thought I had a card I didn't have :S

I'm going to be going through my cards to make sure everything is up to date. Until then this post is temporarily closed.

You can still DM me if you want but be warned you might be disappointed :c
I have 125 and 418, would you trade for 243, and 417?
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I have 125 and 418, would you trade for 243, and 417?
So sorry I never replied to this. I paused trading/got distracted with work and never saw your reply. I'm hoping to update my post and restart trading in the near future C: Hope you're having a good summer!