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Dec 2, 2004
I really have to say that I've enjoyed every minute of the Sage Competition; it was suspensful, it was dramatic, and it was, at times, funny (thanks for the ******** pics, LINKERATOR :p).

I couldn't have asked for a better leader, BASTOISE99. He did everything flawlessly, and his ideas for the events were very good. I couldn't have asked for more. When the first event was posted, I have to say that I was nervous; how would all of this work out? Will we even get past the first event? Turns out we did, and I was relieved for the rest of the week. Then, the second event was posted. I was thinking, "What if one of the competitors don't post their assigment? It would't work out, then!" There was one time, in one of the middle events, where the competitors procrastinated and didn't post their assigment until the deadline. After the first three events, I was less worried, and was always thinking how good of an idea this was.

But later down the road, I thought, "It won't be interesting if the only special rank awarded would be Sage." So I said that the losers of the competition will get a special rank... BAMBAM! didn't get one, because he was disqualified, but I think that PIKMIN042 will enjoy his Shrubbery rank.

And for my ending words, I really have to thank all of the competitors, including BAMBAM!, for being such great sports and making our, the admins and mods, jobs easier.
BAMBAM! said:
No this ranks sucks I can't start a thread

:( BTW extend my PMS limit, I ran out.
Sorry, I can't extend your PM limit; you'll have to delete some PMs.
BAMBAM! said:
No this ranks sucks I can't start a thread

:( BTW extend my PMS limit, I ran out.
*holds giggling*

if you ment what i thought you ment thats very funny


but yeah, nevermind...

im guessing you ment PM's

here is my speech

I had a lot of fun with this compition, even though there was a flame war, me vs everyone else XD and that I got points off....was disqualified....yah...*thinks of somthing postive*

Yah might want to get back to the positive stuff...I got to go I will edit this later