Holiday Party!!!!


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Jan 5, 2005
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I would like to host a holiday party on well it will be on Christmas since that is my holiday, I just don't want to exclude people.

Bring things to trade and give out gifts, fruit will be a good item, currently I only have oranges...

But post here if you want to come and if enough people are interested I will get it rolling.

P.S. if you want to come to help decorate my town feel free to contact me and I will set up a time to decorate.

name in game: Sporge
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i might be getting AC:WW for christmas but im not sure i jut joined so hello :lol:
i probably wont post very much untill i get wild world but then i will post everyday

I'll come but im slightly new to the game so don't expect an extravagant gift! XD

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Sure, I'll come, this takes places on Xmas right? My friend code is in my sig.

@Nin, come to my town, i'll hook you up with something good, come a few days before, and you'll get it then.
Yeah this will be on Christmas I will update the first post as I go, but there should be games and stuff, and don't worry about getting a large gift there is no need to but fruit would be a good thing to bring and may be some furniture you have and aren't using. I'll find some way to divide the gifts.