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HI im new here

Oct 29, 2005
Old Eggs
hi everyone im new here and i absolutely love the game animal crossing and am practically dieing waiting for animal crossing wild world. my gosh i am just very exited to be here so everyone PLEASE respond to tell me how everything works around here and ill be on my way. :lol:
Hello, there! Welcome to The Bell Tree!


First of all, check the The Rules of The Bell Tree, and then post in different boards, which include Gaming Boards (Gamers' Lounge) AC and AC:WW boards, and plenty more!

I definitely hope that you enjoy your time here!

Hmm lets compair 2 posts
animalcrosser25 said:
umm hello everbody im new on this site so i was just wondering if u guys could explaini it to me. thanx a miliion trillion gadalabalillion lol. gosh i amuse myself lol

so just explain to me and ill be on my way
DSFAN121 said:

:) Be careful, or PikMino42 will lock your threads and ban you for a really stupid reason!
ROFL, how ironic. ^__^

You thought I wouldn't look at the threads in my favorite forum....

Anyways, hi.
ok ZELDAFREAK104 i am brand new here ok??

just because i have a similar name and the posts seem just a tny bi t the same whut is it to you?

i wanna have fun on this website and i need u guys to help me through with it