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Hazzard Island

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Island/Town Name
Native Fruit


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Team 3
May 26, 2022
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Orange Hybrid Rose
Purple Hybrid Rose
White Rose
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Red Rose
Black Hybrid Rose
Red Rose
Red Rose

Hello and welcome to my journal of Hazzard Island. I’m not really sure how to start this or proceed as I’ve never written anything like this before, so I’ll just go with the flow and if anyone has any tips please comment!

A brief introduction:

I got my Nintendo Switch in April 2021, and after many, many months of wondering “Would I like Animal Crossing?”, the only thing that clinched the deal was in February this year (2022), when a shop was selling it with a free plush toy of Tom Nook. I thought Tom was so cute, and from then it was a match made in heaven. Only regret? Didn’t buy it sooner! I can’t wait to experience all the seasons and all the different events that take place, especially the Toy Day event! I’ve not really got a theme, if I see something in Nook’s Cranny, etc that I like, I’ll buy it!

Island information

Island Name
–Hazzard (Named after ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’)

Time Zone – British Summer Time (BST)

Hemisphere - Northern

Native fruit – Pears

Sister fruit – Oranges

Native flowers – (To be quite honest, I’m not sure. I have plenty of screenshots so I will need to look back. I believe that when I go on a Nook Mile Tour that most times your native flower is there, so I will need to check that one out)

Fruits/Crops - I think I've got all fruits/crops


I’ve had so many villagers cycle through as I have a lot of Amiibo cards. I never thought much of Chrissy and evicted her, shortly after I got her back, as I missed her. My starting villagers were Buck and Ursala. I hated Ursala but loved Buck and he will be a permanent resident of Hazzard.

Current villagers

Buck, Al, Roscoe, (will never let those 3 leave) Vic, Lionel, Kidd, Boomer, Chrissy, Goose and Flora (who is currently in boxes).

General information

Hazzard Island

I’ve unlocked all the shops, campsite, Resident Services upgrade and Kapp’n.

Donated all fossils to Blathers

Unlocked The Roost

Got most of the Golden DIYs expect the shovel, which will probably take a little time as you need to help Gulliver 30 times to unlock that!

On Happy Home Paradise:

Unlocked the Amiibo scanner

Poki cash machine thing

Superstar designer

Unlocked DJ KK, he is magnificent!

Opened Café, Hospital, Resturant and shop on HHP.

Harv’s Island

Paid for all the NPCs to open their stalls.

I think that covers most so far! Sorry, if it’s a bit jumbled as I didn’t really keep a note of anything before, except lots of screenshots! I’ll be posting some shortly. I’ve probably forgotten somethings so if I remember anything else, I’ll add it in! Thank you for reading and would like a big thank you to everyone on this forum, you are awesome! You’ve been so kind helping me with DIYs and fruits that I needed. I am really looking forward to continuing my adventure on New Horizons and on The Bell Forum!
Arriving on Hazzard Island

Naming the island...

Seeing K.K. for the first time...

First wasp sting...

Gulliver's 1st appearance.

Cant wait for snow again!

Al looks unimpressed with the fountain firework.
Thursday, July 7, 2022
  • Not much happening today, Saharah was selling her collection of mysterious rugs, floors and wallpapers (Never seen the point of buying from her if you can't see what you're getting) I've never been to her stall yet on Harv's Island, maybe I will see her stock there?
  • It was Goose's 1st day out on Hazzard.
  • Flora in boxes, so going villager hunting tomorrow. If I don't see anyone I like I have plenty of amiibo cards to choose from.
  • Gave my daily gifts to Buck, Al and Roscoe.
  • Still no photo from Vic. No matter what I give that cranky bull all I get back is clothing! I've got 3 pictures from, Buck, Al and Roscoe, and 2 from Boomer and Lionel. I really hope my luck will change with Vic. I've tried stacking non native fruit, crafted him gold items, but nothing, apart from he ran up to me and gave me a cycling cap this afternoon!
  • Returned Kidd's novel to him and he gave me a Dotted raincoat.
  • Pascal gave my a Mermaid Fishy Dress after I gave him a scallop.
  • Buck was making Mixed fruits crepe and got the DIY from him.
  • Boomer decided to change my nickname from J Belle to Burrito!
  • Finally got my storage shed from the Nook Mile Redemption service!
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Friday, July 8, 2022
is on my island today, I prefer C.J. , but I'll still collect some bugs for him.
Started off my going on a villager hunt as Flora's house is empty now. As I said before I have amiibo cards, but I love going on the Nook Mile Tours whenever I have an open plot to see who turns up. I didn't know before that Tom Nook fills the plot if you don't move someone in, I wasn't happy when I ended up with Vesta once! So, if I don't find anyone, I'll fill the plot with an amiibo character.
1 - Rhonda - Didn't like her as I'm not that keen on the rhino characters.
2 - Olaf - Again, I didn't like him, and couldn't see him fitting in with my other villagers.
3 - Naomi - I had never seen her before, and I'm sure I don't have her amiibo card, so had a think but no, she still wasn't what I had in mind. (Found a Message bottle on the beach for a DIY Woodland Wall)
4 - Sprocket - Again, I had never seen him before, and I don't have his amiibo card, but whenever I saw him my initial thought was definitely not. (I did strike it lucky, as I was taken to bamboo island, chopped all the bamboo trees and collected all the bamboo shoots. Also, found a fossil on bamboo island.)
More to add later...
Friday, July 8, 2022 (Part 2)
Went on another 2 Nook Mile Tours looking for a villager to replace Flora:
5 - Patty - Still didn't take to her.
6 - Angus - He seemed ok, but I've got to think about Buck as the replacement will be his new neighbour!

So Boomer ran up to me and wanted to play a game, I thought it would be 'Treasure Hunt', or going to his or my house for 'High Card, Low Card', but it was a game I've never experienced before. He said it was a game of luck and we would be playing for my Double Wall Spotlight, for a pair of double bridge glasses. Basically we swapped, I didn't really want his double bridge glasses, but I'll get over it.

Went over to Al's house and he was making Bread, already got the recipe so he gave me a duplicate.

Next, went to see Kidd and Chrissy was visiting, the pictures really say it all...

... I didn't really want to disturb Chrissy as it looked like a delicate moment... :eek:

Vic was his usual charming self...

Roscoe was pleased with the weather in Hazzard!
Friday, July 8, 2022 (Final part)
I never usually let villagers move out when they ask as I like to choose, so after 6 Nook Mile Tours, I decided to put Boots in the campsite thinking he would accept the invitation instead of the usual 3 days, but no he asked to come back...


So, I decided to go on another 2 Nook Mile Tours.
7 - Hopkins (He didn't take my fancy, but it was an odd island. There was no fruit, but about 5 coconut trees on the east and west sides.
8 - Octavian - (I was running out of time before bed, I didn't like him initially, but then I saw him walking and thought he looked cute. Can't see him being a permanent resident, but I said that before about certain villagers and they are still on Hazzard. Also, my 2nd Bamboo island of the day!)
Octavian is moving to Hazzard!


(Has anyone ever had any success with wearing DAL clothing when asking Orville to take you on a Nook Mile Tour? I think it was a post on here which said of you wear the Dodo Airline clothing or make Orville blush with a reaction, you had a higher chance of getting a better island, e.g. Scorpion island)

It was Goose's 2nd day out on Hazzard and he's on thin ice already annoying Roscoe ...
Of course, I sided with Roscoe ...



I'm Team Roscoe!

Roscoe asked me to take part in a Treasure Hunt with a 6 minute timer, but unfortunately I didn't find it in time. I did find it after and tried to open it, but it said something like 'This belongs to someone else, it would be rude to open it'. I returned it Roscoe and he assured me we would have another game soon. I'm sure I looked during the Treasure Hunt where I found it!
Saturday, July 9, 2022 – C.J.’s Summer Fishing Tourney (Hazzard’s 2nd Tourney)

I started this morning before 9am crafting a few more bags of fish bait for C.J.’s Summer Fishing Tourney. The Spring Tourney was my first one and didn’t really know what to do so I was prepared for this one. C.J. told me I had 91 points from last time, I did win a Bronze trophy, but then exchanged some points for some of C.J.’s fishing ‘swag’. My total decreased by 10 points this morning as I pressed the wrong button and ended up with a fishing cooler, but I’m cool with that.

After about 50 bags of fishing bait, good old C.J. told me I had over 200 points and to watch out in the mail, Silver trophy? I had used a lot more fish bait than I originally thought, as I only had about 20 bags left, so I got some more fish bait and within another 45 minutes I had the Gold trophy in the bag! Absolutely delighted! I decided to redeem my points and start afresh in the autumn; I hope I’ll be able to work my way through the trophies again.

My list of fishing swag!

1 – Fish doorplate

2 – Fish-drying rack

3 – Marine pop wall

4 – Fish umbrella

5 – Fish rug

6 – Fish-print tee

7 – Fish print

8 – Tackle bag

9 – Fish pochette

10 – Fish wand

11 – Fish-print tee

12 – Marine pop wall

13 – Fish pochette

14 – Fish rug

15 – Fish wand

16 – Fish rug

17 – Fresh cooler

18 – Fish rug

19 – Fish wand

20 – Fish wand

21 – Fishing-rod stand

22 – Anchor statue

23 – Fish wand

24 – Fish wand

25 – Tackle bag

26 – Fishing-rod stand

27 – Marine pop wall

28 – Marine pop wall

Some screenshots from the Fishing Tourney!




Don't think I'll be keeping the Great White Shark outside Buck's house.
Saturday, July 9, 2022 (Final part)
Not much happened after the tourney. I had a look at my fishing swag, maybe I'll create a C.J. themed room.

Gave my 3 favourite villagers a gift each:
  • Roscoe - Thank you Dad mug - Nothing in return
  • Buck - 5 pearls - He gave me a raincoat
  • Al - I gave him 10 oranges and was absolutely over the moon when he gave me another one of his photos! (I now have 4 of Al's photo!)

A few screenshots from yesterday (09/07)

A celebratory photo of C.J. and I after the fishing tourney.

Checking in with Al to give him his daily gift...


... Al gave me his photo! :D (It's only been about 2 weeks since he gave me the last on, but I'm not complaining! A bit jealous though it wasn't Buck! Still working on Vic, but I don't think I'll ever get his photo. 😞)
Sunday, July 10, 2022
Firstly, I went in search of Daisy-Mae to buy some turnips, 107 bells each. I believe that if you buy over 100 it isn't considered to be a good price, but I still buy some each week.

Next was to give some of my villagers a gift:
- Gave Buck a fish wand from the fishing tourney yesterday - He gave me a rose wall. Set it as my wallpaper in my house, looks lovely!
Found a message bottle on the beach, a new DIY, a tension pole rack!
Roscoe - Bought a scooter from Nook's Cranny for 13,000 bells. I thought it would suit Roscoe's personality. So, I went to give it to him, instead he gave me a Bread recipe. Roscoe seemed to like the scooter, got a jockey uniform in return.
Al - Gave an Outback hat, in return he gave me a silk floral-print shirt.
Boomer - I think he got a bit of a fright when I gave him a Hammerhead shark! He gave me some cute yellow-tile flooring in return.

Mailbox - I went to my mailbox and saw I had a letter and gift from Vic, hoping that it would be a photo, but no luck again, a reflector! Went to his house and gave him 10 gift wrapped apples, he gave me an outdoor hat back.
Got my Silver and Gold trophies from C.J. I really will need to rearrange my house, it's got random items everywhere.
HHA - 110,678 points, apparently because my basement is empty.
The Roost - Had a cup of coffee with Brewster, no pigeon milk. 😟

Finally got round to making a set of the Summer DIY recipes. I spent all day looking for 6 corals to complete the set, then I realised I had 15 in my storage on my other island! 😞
Went on a Kapp'n tour and never had this island before, a Vegetable farm island. Found a DIY for Fruit cupcakes which I didn't have so going to make some after.

loves to fish!


Roscoe does love that eye patch I gave him a few weeks ago!

Kapp'n's Vegetable farm island.

I'm wondering if Boomer will display the shark in his house?
Some screenshots from the past:
(March 2022)

The opening of the Museum. All of my original villagers are all in this pictures apart from Lionel, Roscoe and Boomer as they still had to move in.

(March 2022) Whenever Pascal pops up, I never refuse him my scallop! I will really need to scan his amiibo to join me for a cup of coffee in The Roost.

(April 2022) This is one of my favourite line ups for stretching (apart from Buck is absent) as there are so many NPCs taking part!

(July 2022) I'm still on my quest for a photo of Vic, I really hope you can help Katrina ...




... she never ever offered a blessing! (I know I keep going on about this, but on my Birthday, my party was even held at Vic's house!) I know I could probably trade with someone for a photo of Vic, but I really want to earn this one myself! :D
Monday, July 11, 2022

Started off with my daily tasks:

  • Hitting rocks
  • Gathering shells / message bottle on beach
  • Looking in Nook’s Cranny/Able Sisters and Special Goods in Resident Services
  • Checked recycle box
  • Went over to Lottie’s island, to collect message bottle and got 100 turnips from Joan who was at the hospital for her Monday weekly check-up.
  • Digging up fossils/gyroid fragments


  • Lionel wanted to come over to my house, so naturally I said yes. Upon his arrival he gave me a layered tank and then a game of High Card, Low Card. I won a Jockey’s Helmet. After Lionel left I headed out to give my villagers some gifts.
  • Buck - I had bought him a Sword in Scabbard last night to give him today, in return he gave me a student cap.
  • Roscoe – I gave him a Japanese dresser, he gave me a bowling shirt.
  • Lionel – Got another photo from Lionel today after I gave him a Small vase from Nook’s Cranny.
  • Boomer – He gave me a cycling shirt, I gave him a globe.
  • Kidd was clearing out some junk treasured possessions, I bought his Cassette player.
  • Vic – I tried again to get a photo by giving him 10 wrapped tomatoes. I got a Market Auctioneer’s Cap, never had that before so that’s a bonus.
  • Al – Don’t ask me why but I took a notion to make Al a three tiered snowperson, even though we are in the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. He seemed to like it anyway as he gave me some Aqua tile flooring.

I invited Lucky over to the campsite, as I’m looking for someone to replace Goose. Goose has only been in for a few days but I don’t like him. Got some round shades in return for making him a Wooden Simple bed.



  • Learnt a new DIY recipe for an Iron Ladder set up kit.
  • Leif was in the plaza.

Some screenshots ...

I love Joan, I always try to remember every Monday to go over to see her!

Thank you Lionel, I am honoured to be in Casa de Lionel!


Vic, if it's your lucky day, please, please, please, give me your photo!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry Al, I know it's summer, but just realised I had the DIY and really wanted to make one!


Yay! Another photo from Lionel !!!!!


(Somehow my font is still in bold!)
Tuesday, July 12, 2022

I didn't have much time yesterday, so not much to write. Even forgot to open my mailbox!
Completed my daily tasks, and went over to Lottie's island to pick up the message bottle.
Buck - I had caught a few fishes earlier, so decided to give him a Hammerhead shark, he gave me a muscle tank in return.
Al - I gave him a fish too, a Dorado, Al gave me am embroidered tank.
Roscoe - He was pleased with his Zebra Turkeyfish, in return I got a Hawaiian print apron.
Lionel - The only reason I gave Lionel a present today as I pressed the wrong button and didn't want to leave him empty handed, so I had some Red windflowers to make a Windflower fan, but gave them to Lionel instead.
Vic - I gave him 10 coconuts, got a fishing vest back. I think I'm going to evict Vic if I don't get a photo soon!

Boomer asked me if I could catch him a Stinkbug but I looked and looked but had to give up as I couldn't find one anywhere.

Found a double DIY recipe of a Pond stone, but found a new one, Money flooring.

Bought some of the Comedian outfit clothing and some green sunglasses to give to Buck tomorrow.


was on my island, bought a flowery painting from Redd when he comes to Hazzard. Have to wait to see if it's a fake or not from Blathers!


Lionel, in the Able Sisters ...


Lionel, you would look fantastic wearing anything...

See I told you you would look fabulous in anything...

Just chilling out with Roscoe.

Don't worry Al, we'll always be buddies! Love the hat, Al!

Orville enjoying a read at his K.K. Slider magazine.

Invited a few of my previous villagers to The Roost ...

I never used to like Vesta but now I'm thinking about bringing her back ...

Oh, Pietro, I miss you! I'll invite you back really soon!
Wednesday, July 13, 2022
  • Started by opening my mailbox, I had a message from Dodo Airlines, got a DAL umbrella. I always love getting DAL merchandise.
  • Lionel had mailed me my prize for winning ‘High Card, Low Card’ yesterday, a Jockey’s helmet.
  • I also had another present from Lionel, a Rattan end table. (I’m sure I gave him that a few weeks ago!)
  • Roscoe invited me to his house; we played ‘High Card, Low Card’ and won a Bathroom towel rack. Just as I was about to leave, I got a lovely surprise, I got Roscoe’s photo! I couldn’t believe it! (I don’t understand as I read on this forum if I recall correctly that you have to speak to another villager for 10 consecutive days before you can get another photo. This happened just under 2 weeks ago aswell, I got a photo from a different villager, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I don’t know if I’m just lucky or a glitch? Whatever it is, I’m not complaining, but I do want another one from my number 1 villager, Buck!)
  • Poor Roscoe had fleas, so had to whack him with the net to relive him of his stress.
  • Lionel was making Fruit Salad.
  • Buck invited me on a Treasure Hunt, so I had 3 minutes to find Buck’s hidden treasure, and luckily I did! I returned it to Buck and he opened it with his muscles, a skull tee!
  • Went over to Lottie’s island as DJ KK was arriving at 6pm, watched him for a while. Bought another DJ KK t-shirt, think I’ve got the whole set now.
  • Donated some a bug to Blathers – Miyama Stag
  • Also, donated a ‘Flowery painting’ from Redd, and it was genuine!
  • Gulliver was on the beach, returned his 5 communicator parts, and promised me a gift in my mailbox.

Daily gifts
  • Vic – Still no luck with a photo! I gave him a Blue school jacket that I had in my storage, I got a football shirt back.
  • Roscoe - I returned after ‘High Card, Low Card’ and gave him an Antique bed and got some Common flooring in return.
  • Buck – I didn’t get a return gift from Buck after I gave him a Phrygian cap.
  • AlAl seemed quite pleased with his new Cuckoo clock, in return he gave me an athletic jacket.

Things on my to-do list:
  • My island is covered in flowers, I will really need to try and arrange them. I will probably take some over to my other island.
  • I started to use the Island Designer app about a month ago then stopped. I’m trying to make most of my island flat, as it looks so much bigger. Also, my villagers have been walking around the island more ever since I started using it.
  • Invite someone to the campsite to get rid of Goose, I thought when I scanned him in I would like him, but he’s caused nothing but trouble!
Some screenshots:
Yay! Another photo from Roscoe!

Sorry Gulliver, but Isabelle did tell me to be persistent...

Roscoe exercising on the Plaza

The party starts with DJ KK ...


I always love watching DJ KK, but his set at night is stunning.

Not Roscoe's day...

Roscoe, don't worry your secret is safe with me, just keep back from Buck for a few days...
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Thursday, July 14, 2022

I completed my daily tasks, except for hitting rocks as I was pushed for time.

One of my favourite NPCs was on Hazzard, C.J.. Whenever he’s visiting I always complete the Seasports challenge so I can sell him some fish. It was an easy one, 5 freestyle fish. Luckily I had some fish left in my storage from Saturday after the Fishing tourney, so made a nice profit.


Had a letter from Lionel

I also, got a Sphinx from Gulliver after finding his 5 communicator parts. (I’ve been wondering this, whenever Gulliver has given you all the combinations of his gifts, can he start giving you doubles, just like how C.J. does in the Fishing tourney?)

Daily gifts

  • Buck – I had bought a Double sofa for him a few days ago, so gave it to him today. He gave me an Outback hat in return.
  • Roscoe – Roscoe got a Mage’s Striped hat (Black variation) which I bought at the Able Sisters. I got a different type of clothing from him, a Kurta.
  • Al - I had a Danger tank ready for Al, as I thought it would suit him, nothing in return.
Other information

  • Vic was making Iron Armor, I already had the DIY. (Just wondering as I’ve never noticed can you give DIYs to villagers? When I’m playing ‘New Horizons’ later today, I’ll need to try it out.) (I think I should really give a camera to Vic then maybe he could take a photo of himself to give to me!)
  • Popped a balloon and got a train set. Forgot to see which season it was as I’ve already got an Autumn and Winter variation.
  • To finish off my day, I went over to Lottie’s for a look in the shop, bought some Paradise Planning merchandise, then to the North beach to watch the legendary DJ KK in action!

Some screenshots:

I had lined up a perfect camera shot to watch DJ KK do his thing, until Sly decided to get invloved!


It's good to watch when it's lighter, but the nighttime show is spectacular ...


Just outside Rhuebottoms after buying some clothes ...

Roscoe does really love that eye patch I gave him, I hardly see him without it these days!

A busy evening on the plaza ...

C.J. strutting his stuff on Hazzard ...

Anyone else think Buck is keeping an eye on Roscoe? (Don't worry Buck, you're my sweetheart!) :love:
Friday, July 15, 2022

Daily gifts

Vic - I tried again with a gift, a Tatami bed; in return I got an Open track jacket. (Vic I am getting annoyed with you, if you don’t give me a picture soon, I’ll be replacing you!

Buck - He was fishing, but he stopped to receive a gift and a chat. I gave him a Flower display case, and got a raincoat back.

Al – I gave him 100 turnips, he seemed impressed, but no gift.

Roscoe - Roscoe gave me a Chef’s outfit after I gave him a Rocket lamp.


Isabelle announced we had a guest in the campsite, I went over and met Ellie inside. We played 3 games of (sorry I can’t remember the exact name of the game), the one where you match the symbol to their card. After 3 games, I finally won a Paisley Bandana. I really liked Ellie and wanted to move her in and move Goose out, however, I tried and tried to get the option up for her to live on my island. I eventually got the option, but she said that she couldn’t move away from her current island as quick. I know it takes 3 days to scan an amiibo card, but I don’t see the point of having a character in the campsite of you can’t invite them to your island, unless you have their amiibo card to scan.

Other information

  • Whilst I was carrying out my daily tasks, I found a lost item. I tried to investigate by looking at the book, but a message just appeared reading: ‘This is a lost item’, no clue so went to Lionel to ask as he and Kidd seem to be always be losing their possessions. He told me it looked like it belongs to Goose, so I returned it to Goose. In return, he gave me an old gym tee.
  • I went into the Able Sisters and was delighted to see they had the jester hats in. I bought one in each colour variation. Finally, I can give Roscoe a matching hat for his outfit.
  • I bought a Rodeo-style springy ride on from the Special Goods section in the ABD.
  • Kicks was on the plaza with his stall, bought some bags to give as presents to my villagers in the coming days.
  • Popped a balloon and got a DIY recipe for a Cosmo shower.
  • Lionel wanted to come over to my house, he got the guided tour. He wanted to see every room, and gave me a Sleeveless parka. He was pleased to see I had his photo out on display. The only other villager that has done that was Buck! We played ‘High Card, Low Card’, I won a Skull tee.
  • Vic was making Pumpkin soup, and gave me the DIY recipe, another one to add to my collection.
Some screenshots:

Vic busy making himself some Pumpkin soup ...

Lionel was crying with joy ...


Lionel knows what he likes ...

... he didn't sit in it though (Maybe he's heard that chair is reserved for Buck? ...

... Al looked delighted with 100 turnips ...

... Roscoe and I just chillin' ...

... My campsite visitor Ellie ...

... and last, but my no means least, Buck!
Saturday, July 16, 2022

I love playing at the weekend as I have more time and finally got started sorting out my overrun flowers. (They are scattered all over the island, as I want to replant them once I’ve finished. Also started to demolish some cliffs at the back of the island as my villagers don’t tend to use the ramps I had installed. I started about over a month ago to demolish other cliffs and they do tend to roam a lot more, before they would only walk about their house and Resident Services and very occasionally on the beach.


  • Roscoe had sent me an Anatomical model
  • Lionel sent me a Simple Dots tee
  • Buck – Buck told me he found a Robust statue on his nightly patrol of Hazzard. He asked around and said it didn’t belong to anyone so he gave it to me. Unfortunately, when I took it to Blathers it was a fake. (Redd has probably dropped it on the run from some irate customers!)
Daily gifts

  • Buck – I gave Buck a Green Madras Plaid shirt, he changed into it and looks amazing (Well, it’s Buck, he looks amazing in anything) He gave me a blossom tee in return.
  • Roscoe – Roscoe was next to visit. He was in his house making Frosted pretzels, so another DIY. I gave him a brown Outback hat, in return he gifted me a Kanji tee.
  • Al – Al gave me some Denim overalls after I gave him a Music fest t-shirt.
  • I was in Nook’s Cranny and saw a Peacock chair at 27,000 bells. I took a chance bought it and took it to Vic gift wrapped in the hopes I would get a photo. My hopes were dashed again, that cranky bull, gave me some Purple camo flooring instead.
Other information

  • I saw Lionel sitting on a tree stump outside the Museum, I went over for a chat, but he said he was on a break and didn’t want to chat. I’ve never had that message from any of my villagers before. Some villagers have been sitting on the ground and even got up to talk.
  • Got a DIY for a Stacked Senmaizuki barrel out of a balloon, another new one for my collection.

Visiting an island and receiving a guest

In the evening, I had the pleasure of visiting @Aria Nook Violet 's island, Drimusa. It was absolutely beautiful; it really does put my island to shame. What a lovely host and a great bunch of islanders. I will be posting screenshots of my visit the island. Had to laugh at the saying, most villagers wanted to ‘marry me’. Aria explained that it was a joke between a few of the villagers, (I’m sure it was Jay and Marlo? Sorry, if that’s wrong but there was so much to take in on your island!) Pumpkins everywhere, which set the town of perfectly, and some jail bars. Think I should make some of them to make sure Buck doesn’t escape! (Secretly, I don’t think I would need them, as Buck would never want to leave!) I shopped in the Able Sisters and Nook’s Cranny. The Able Sisters had the best selection of stuff, and the majority I had never seen before, so Mable was happy getting some tourists spending bells!

Next, it was over to my island, Hazzard. We spoke to all of the villagers, and I showed Aria around Hazzard. A very polite and friendly visitor, who gave me lots encouragement for my own island and never criticised anything. We have arranged to visit each other’s island again, once I’ve got mine sorted out a bit more, and I am planning to make a gym area, just for my Buck. You are very welcome to come back anytime!

Enjoyed watching K.K. for a while, and he gave me a copy of my requested song K.K. Aria. I’m trying to remember to ask him for a different song each week, as I’m trying to build up my K.K. record collection.

Some screenshots:
Pleasure to meet you Jay! (Really hope Nintendo lets us take a villager to another island, that would be awesome!)


Sorry, Jay, but I'm already spoken for...

Marlo looks a million dollars. (It was funny to see Marlo all cool and dapper looking, considering he's the Doctor over on my Happy Home Paradise!)

Jay and Marlo's area. :)

This was one of my favourite areas. I asked that the feather things were (Sorry, don't know the correct name!) They are from the Festivale, unfortunately I started New Horizons just after that, so still have Pave to look forward to.) (Just noticed, don't know why the date is wrong?)

Just trying out my post op patch I just bought from the Able Sisters. I love the pumpkin theme!

Lyman was amusing! :ROFLMAO:


Lyman, that's a great idea. Think I'll need to suggest this one to Buck! :ROFLMAO:

The time passed really quickly as there was so much to explore and I often had to consult the map as I kept getting lost! It takes a very talented person to create an island like Drimusa. Thank you so much again for letting me visit. Going to sort through the Hazzard screenshots, and post them later.

Thanks for reading! :)
Some pictures when @Aria Nook Violet visited Hazzard!
As much as I like visitors, getting a bit jealous in this picture! :ROFLMAO:

Boomer was ready to receive guests, unlike Vic ...

Didn't realise your eyes were shut in this picture, Laria! :p

K.K. always likes talking to the visitors ...

Posing for a picture with Roscoe rocking his tortoise shell glasses! :cool:

Octavian mind your manners!
Sunday, July 17, 2022


The Happy Home Academy score was in my mailbox. Rank S, 110,678 points. They keep telling me to match the colour of my furniture, but I like it the way it is!

Daily gifts

Went shopping in Nook’s Cranny, and saw a Hi-fi for 82,000 bells, Buck only has an old tape reel player so naturally I bought it for Buck. In return he gave me some Red dot flooring.

Al was making a Pear smoothie. After he gave me the recipe, I went back into his house to give him a pair of red Denim overalls; he gave me a Hawaiian print apron back.

I was very disappointed with Vic, yet again. I gave him a Camo tee, as I had a look on the internet and thought I would start giving him things that are recommended for Vic, but no present.

Roscoe gave me a Gold print tee, after I presented him with a Racing suit.

Other information

Buck asked me if I would like to buy a Straw boater for 700 bells (It could be a bag of rubbish and I would buy it from Buck.)

Bought 50 turnips from Daisy Mae (100 bells each), usually buy 100 but the turnip prices on my island have been dreadful, plus I’ll get some free from Joan on Monday over at the hospital on Happy Home Paradise.

Message bottle on the beach was a double of a DIY I have Wooden block chest. I don’t have it on my other island, so that’s a bonus.

Over on Lottie’s island (HHP), I got a Golden vase DIY, another double so useful on my other island.

Got a Rocket lamp out of a balloon.

Best moment of the day, Buck making a Doghouse!

Some screenshots:
Don't get jealous Buck, you're still my number one!

Buck wasn't taking any chances and escorted Lionel off the plaza. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

A for Amazing Al!

Vic was a bit frustrated ...


I'd love that, Roscoe ...

@Aria Nook Violet , you've made an impression on Lionel! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:



Best screenshot of the day! Buck busy hammering away making a doghouse!
Monday, July 18, 2022


  • Daisy Mae had sent me her used bamboo shoots after buying some turnips from her. (Do you get more bamboo shoots, if you buy more turnips?)
  • Boomer sent me a mobile.
NPC Visitor

My favourite visiting NPC, was relaxing on Hazzard today, C.J. Caught some fish, tried to get 3 of one kind to get Flick to make me a model, but today wasn’t meant to be. I should actually save some fish so I can get a few models, as I have plenty of storage.

Daily gifts

  • Buck – Gave Buck an Athletic jacket
  • Roscoe – He already has the black and white Jester costume, so gave him the Jesters hat to complete his outfit. (I wish we could give villagers these items as a set, they would be more likely to wear them as there were intended!)
  • Al – I always usually give Buck, Al and Roscoe a daily gift, but somehow I forgot Al yesterday! I will need to send him something in the mail too.
Other information

Vic wanted to thank Goose for all his help, so I delivered the present. (Even though Vic was standing outside Goose’s front door!) Goose gave me a Sailor’s tee for my trouble.

Happy Home Paradise

  • Went over to collect the Message bottle, one to add to my collection I didn’t have, Giant vine.
  • Stopped by the hospital to see Joan at her Monday check-up, she gave me 30 turnips.
Some screenshots

Boomer taking a moment to enjoy the fountain ...
View attachment 448224

C.J.! ...
View attachment 448225

Over on Happy Home Paradise, I had a few moments with Bob before I went to the hospital ...
View attachment 448226

I've not had an appointment to see Doc Marlo for a while, I must go over soon ...
View attachment 448227

Just a quick kiss ... :ROFLMAO:
View attachment 448228

Al participating in some evening exercises ...

and finally Kidd was making Orange jelly.
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