Grass help!


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Jul 11, 2010
Dragon Tokens
Okay, so I want to make dirt paths in my town, but first I need to grow my grass back a bit. I've laid gold roses around the areas where there's not much grass, but it's not growing back even a little bit. I need help! If my grass doesn't grow back even a bit by next month, I might have to restart to get the grass back, since I can't hack yet...
Sure, but how? The grass near Nook's is the worst place of grass wear, so I need to grow the grass back around there.
Well, I've decided anyway, I'm gonna restart. Can I come round to your town soon so you can look after my stuff while I restart?
i like your town plus it wouldnt be fun if you readded all ur friends and we went to a brand new town with not much to do
Noah, don't restart! I'm restarting since I want a better layout and so it looks better, but please don't restart, your town is awesome! Also, I've dropped off my items in someone's town and I'm about to restart, hello Redwood! :D I'll re-add all of my friends then I'll work on my town for a few days, make it look cool, then invite you guys over!
Well, if you want a good town (which I do), then grass does matter, but if you don't you wouldn't care about the grass or flowers.